Session 45. Health and welfare free communications

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: M. Pearce

Theatre Session 45

Welfare, environmental impact and production – conflicting pig breeding goals
L. Rydhmer, T. Mirkena, T. Ahlman and A. Wallenbeck

The role of welfare-related traits in a breeding goal selecting for production efficiency in pigs
T. Aasmundstad, E. Grindflek and O. Vangen

Prevalence and risk factors for lesions and lameness in replacement and pregnant gilts
A. Quinn, L. Green, A. Kilbride and L. Boyle

Potential genomic biological framework of longevity, osteochondrosis and culling reason in sows
E.M. Van Grevenhof, C.A. De Hollander, E.F. Knol and H.C.M. Heuven

Static aggregation of a pig trade network in Northern Germany compared to its temporal counterpart
K. Buttner and J. Krieter

Inactivation of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus by heat-alkalinity-time pasteurization
G.V. Quist-Rybachuk, H. Nauwynck and I.D. Kalmar

Effects of milk yield on animal welfare in dairy cattle
D. Gieseke, C. Lambertz and M. Gauly


The use of reticulo-rumen boluses for early fever detection in young male calves
B. Tietgen, H.J. Laue, M. Hoedemaker and S. Wiedemann

Participative monitoring of the welfare of veal calves
V. Pompe and M. Ruis

A participatory training approach for farmers to improve pain release during disbudding of calves
A. Brule, M. Le Guenic, A. De Boyer Des Roches, B. Mounaix and L. Mirabito


Poster Session 45

Effects of water deprivation on blood components and behaviour in sheep and goats
C. Lambertz, M. Hinz and M. Gauly

Breed effects and genetic parameters for early live weight and tick count in sheep
K. Thutwa, J.B. Van Wyk, S.W.P. Cloete, A.J. Scholtz, J.J.E. Cloete and K. Dzama

A Brachyspira hyodysenteriae challenge model in pigs: effect of body weight and challenge strain
J.G.M. Wientjes, M.E. Sanders, R. Dijkman, K. Junker, M.M.M. Meijerink and P.J. Van Der Wolf

Genetic parameters for mitral valve disease in the cavalier King Charles spaniel
K. Wijnrocx, S. Janssens, S. Swift and N. Buys

Reducing the effect of pre-slaughter fasting on the flesh quality of rainbow trout
R. Bermejo-Poza, J. De La Fuente, C. Perez, S. Lauzurica, E. Gonzalez, M.T. Diaz and M. Villarroel

Investigation organic, semi organic and conventional system on blood parameters and oocyst coccidia
A. Salahshour, R. Vakili and A. Foroghi