Session 46. Breeding and management aspects of diseases and welfare related traits (with ICAR) – part 2

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Date: 31 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: B. Fürst-Waltl / M. Burke


Theatre Session 46

Providing dairy cow facilities to improve health, welfare, and productive life
invited T.J. Devries, M.A.G. Von Keyserlingk and D.M. Weary

Timing, costs and incidences of recorded health events on NZ dairy farms
invited P.R. Amer, J.I. Kerslake, N.A. Dennis, J.R. Roche and C.V.C. Phyn

Investigating the use of Mid Infrared spectral data to predict dairy cow cellular immune traits
S.J. Denholm, S.L. Smith, T.N. McNeilly, V. Hicks and E. Wall

The French observatory on genetic defect: an assessment after 15 years of operation
C. Danchin, C. Grohs and the Onab Steering Committee

A stochastic model to investigate effects of management on calves exposed to Ostertagia ostertagi
Z. Berk, Y.C.S.M. Laurenson, A.B. Forbes and I. Kyriazakis

Genetic parameters for welfare and disease indicator traits generated in automatic milking systems
L. Santos, K. Brügemann and S. König

Impact of the Friesian POLLED mutation on milk production traits in Holstein Friesian
L. Gehrke, D. Seichter, I. Ruß, I. Medugorac, J. Tetens and G. Thaller

Genetic parameters for F. heptacia in Irish cattle
A.J. Twomey, R.G. Sayers, R.I. Carroll, N. Byrne, E. O’Brien, M.L. Doherty, J.C. McClure and D.P. Berry

Estimating heritabilities for fertility disorders using on-farm recorded health data
V. Müller, K.F. Stock, R. Schafberg and H.H. Swalve

Genetic correlations of fighting ability with udder health and longevity in Valdostana cattle
C. Sartori, N. Guzzo and R. Mantovani

Correlations between health and performance traits in Vorderwaelder and Fleckvieh cattle
H. Hamann, S. Gehring and P. Herold

Pleiotropic effects in functional traits in cattle
G. Mészáros, R. Taferner and J. Sölkner