Session 46. Free communications: animal genetics

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: J. Lassen

Theatre Session 46

Effect of censoring on parameter estimation and predictive ability using an indirect genetic model
M. Heidaritabar

Realized autozygosity and genetic differentiation of Landrace × Large White crossbreds
L. Gomez- Raya, W.M. Rauw, J. Dunkelberger and J.C.M. Dekkers

Behaviour of method LR (linear regression) to measure bias and accuracy
F.L. Macedo and A. Legarra

Influence of age on variance components for bodyweight in commercial male and female broiler chicken
T.T. Chu, P. Madsen, L. Wang, J. Henshall, R. Hawken and J. Jensen

Multi-trait mixed modelling of milk infrared spectral data for better accuracy of prediction
T.K. Belay, B.S. Dagnachew and T. Ådnøy

Chromosomal partitioning of correlations among dairy and beef traits in dual purpose Fleckvieh breed
M. Špehar, C. Edel, R. Emmerling, K.U. Götz, I. Curik and G. Gorjanc

Impact of the mitogenome inheritance on the milk production traits in Holstein cows
V. Brajkovic, M. Ferenčaković, M. Špehar, D. Novosel, V. Cubric-Curik, I. Međugorac, E. Kunz, S. Krebs, J. Sölkner and I. Curik

Genetic mechanisms associated with host defence to infection in the cow mammary gland
V.H. Asselstine, F. Miglior, P.A.S. Fonseca, A. Islas-Trejo, J.F. Medrano and A. Cánovas

Glycemic index in finishing diet of Iberian pigs and its effect on muscle transcriptome
A. López-García, L. Calvo, Y. Núñez, R. Benítez, J. Ballesteros, C. López-Bote, J. Segura, J. Viguera and C. Óvilo

Sequence-based association study of resistance to paratuberculosis in Holstein and Normande cattle
M.P. Sanchez, R. Guatteo, A. Davergne, C. Grohs, S. Taussat, P. Blanquefort, A. Delafosse, A. Joly, C. Fourichon and D. Boichard

Unraveling genomic regions associated with environmental variance of litter size in rabbits
C. Casto-Rebollo, M.J. Argente, M.L. García, A. Blasco, R. Pena, L. Fontanesi and N. Ibáñez-Escriche

Genetic analysis for production and health traits in a commercial rabbit line
H. Garreau, M. Maupin, J. Hurtaud and M. Gunia