Session 46. Pig genetics

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: E. Knol

Theatre Session 46

Genomic inbreeding coefficients based on the length of runs of homozygosity
L. Gomez-Raya, C. Rodriguez, C. Barragan, W.M. Rauw and L. Silio

Analysis of resequencing data suggests that the Minipig carries complex disease alleles
C. Reimer, C.-J. Rubin, S. Weigend, K.H. Waldmann, O. Distl and H. Simianer

Statistical models to increase disease resilience and uniformity in animal production
H.A. Mulder, J.M. Herrero-Medrano, E. Sell-Kubiak, P.K. Mathur and E.F. Knol

Litter weight three weeks after farrowing and genetic correlation to others nursing ability traits
B. Nielsen, C. Sogaard, B. Ask and T. Mark

Genome wide association study for number of teats and inverted teats in Norsvin Landrace pigs
M. Van Son, I.A. Ranberg, S. Lien, H. Hamland and E. Grindflek

Genome-wide association study for litter size and mortality in Danish Landrace and Yorkshire pigs
X. Guo, O.F. Christensen, M.S. Lund and G. Su

Accuracy of genomic breeding values of purebreds for crossbred performance in pigs
A.M. Hidalgo, J.W.M. Bastiaansen, M.S. Lopes, M.P.L. Calus and D.J. De Koning


Application of single-step genomic evaluation for crossbred performance in pig
T. Xiang, B. Nielsen, G. Su, A. Legarra and O.F. Christensen

Genomic prediction of crossbred performance based on purebred data
H. Esfandyari, P. Bijma, M. Henryon, O.F. Christensen and A.C. Sorensen

Genome-wide association studies in purebred and crossbred entire male pigs
H. Gilbert, Y. Labrune, M. Chassier, N. Muller, M.J. Mercat, A. Prunier, C. Larzul and J. Riquet

Genetic modelling of feed intake: a case study in growing pigs
I. David, J. Ruesche, L. Drouilhet, H. Garreau and H. Gilbert

Unspecific, maintenance and growth dependent feed efficiency in Duroc pigs
J.P. Sanchez, J. Reixach, M. Ragab, R. Quintanilla and M. Piles

Genetic (co)variance estimation of Gompertz growth curve parameters in Finnish pigs
J.M. Coyne, K. Matilainen, M.-L. Sevon-Aimonen, D.P. Berry, E.A. Mantysaari, J. Juga, T. Serenius and N. Mchugh

Horizontal model a novel approach for dissecting genetic background of feed efficiency complex
M. Shirali, P.F. Varley and J. Jensen


Poster Session 46

REML and Bayesian analysis of association between leg conformation in young pigs and sow longevity
H.T. Le, P. Madsen, N. Lundeheim, K. Nilsson and E. Norberg

Genetic parameter estimation in purebred and crossbred swine from genomic models
Z.G. Vitezica, J.M. Elsen, I. Misztal, W. Herring, L. Varona and A. Legarra

Genome-wide association analyses for fat content and fatty acids profile in Iberian pig
N. Ibanez-Escriche, J.F. Tejeda, E. Gomez and J.L. Noguera

RNA-Seq analysis of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infected respiratory cells
M. Proll, C. Neuhoff, C. Grose-Brinkhaus, M.A. Muller, C. Drosten, J. Uddin, D. Tesfaye, E. Tholen and K. Schellander

Effect of DNA markers on the carcass backfat quality traits in hybrid pigs
O.V. Kostyunina, S.M. Raskatova, A.A. Traspov, V.R. Kharzinova, K.M. Shawyrina and N.A. Zinovieva

Single marker vs multilocus methods in genome-wide association analysis of pig data
H.P. Karkkainen and P. Uimari

Genetic diversity in populations of Czech Large White pigs
T. Urban and B. Černoškova

Development and current state of genetics in Swiss fattening pigs
A. Burren, B. Rufer and P. Spring

Genetic gain for the reproduction and production traits in Latvian swine populations
L. Paura, D. Jonkus and U. Permanickis

Genetic relationship between and within pig nucleus herds
E. Krupa, E. Žakova, Z. Krupova, L. Vostry and R. Kasarda

Estimation of genetic parameters for performance and body measurement traits in Duroc pigs
C. Ohnishi and M. Satoh

Genetic variation of beta-lactoglobulin in pig and the effect on the content of bioactive peptides
C. Weimann and G. Erhardt

Subjective definition of traits and economic values for selection of organic sows in Denmark
A.C. Sorensen

Degree of connectedness in Czech Large White and Czech Landrace production and reproduction data
E. Žakova and E. Krupa