Session 46. The role of local (plant and animal) resources in the resilience of livestock farming systems

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Feeding practices and resilience in smallholder systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
A.J. Duncan, M. Bezabih, A. Mekasha and S. Oosting

The role of camels as a lever enhancing the pastoral households resilience around N’Djamena (Chad)
M.A. Mahamat Ahmat, G. Duteurtre, M.O. Koussou and C.H. Moulin

Determine breed proportion and suitable percentage of dairyness in Ethiopian smallholder dairy farm
Meseret,R. Mrode, J.M.K. Ojango, E. Chinyere, G. Gebreyohanes, A. Hassen, A. Tera, B. Jufar and

A.M. Okeyo

Analysis of key typologies for integrated dairy-fodder crop systems in Europe: A NUTS2 approach
DíazDe Otálora, F. Dragoni, A. Del Prado, F. Estellés, V. Anestis and B. Amon

Farm to fork: the story of local Israeli ‘dairy beef’
Cohen-Zinder,E. Shor-Shimoni, R. Agmon and A. Shabtay

Reducing concentrates supply level in Alpine dairy farms: a consequential-based LCA model
Berton,S. Bovolenta, M. Corazzin, L. Gallo, M. Ramanzin and E. Sturaro

Resilience of animal genetic resources in the face of climate change and extreme events
Baumung,P. Boettcher, C.A. Reising, C. Okore and G. Leroy

Whole-genome sequencing reveals genes associated with heat tolerance in South African beef cattle
K.S. Nxumalo, M.L. Makgahlela, J.P. Grobler, J. Kantanen, C. Ginja, D.R. Kugonza, N. Ghanem, R. Gonzalez-Prendes, A.A. Zwane and R.P.M.A. Crooijmans

The role of animal genetic resources in the resilience of livestock farming systems: ERFP experience
Sturaro,D. Bojkovsky, E. Charvolin, C. Danchin, S.J. Hiemstra, C. Ligda, M. Castellanos Moncho, N. Svartedal and F. Tejerina

Performance and breeding goals for Dutch local cattle breeds in relation to agroecology
Bonekamp,M.A. Schoon, S.J. Hiemstra and J.J. Windig

Tenderness, fatty acids and marbling qualities in six endangered cattle breeds native to Norway
Sambugaro,B. Egelandsdal and N. Svartedal

Fatty acid profile of meat and milk of local sheep breeds in Italian Eastern Alps
BenedettiDel Rio, M. Teston, M. Ramanzin and E. Sturaro


Dry season effect on selected for yearling weight heifer’s: resilience based on productive aspects
V.T. Rezende, J.N.G.S. Cyrillo, A.H. Gameiro, M.E.Z. Mercadante, S.F.M. Bonilha and R.C. Canesin

Sardo-Bruna breed valorisation throughout enhancement of meat yield
M.R. Mellino, M. Lunesu, R. Rubattu, A. Marzano, G. Battacone, S.P.G. Rassu, G. Pulina and N. Nudda

Weighted single-step genome-wide association study for somatic cell score in Valle del Belice sheep
Tolone,H. Mohammadi, A.H.K. Farahani, M.H. Moradi, S. Mastrangelo, R. Di Gerlando, M.T. Sardina, M.L. Scatassa and B. Portolano

A study of monogenic traits in the alpine autochthonous Aosta Breeds
Bernini,C. Punturiero, R. Milanesi, M. Vevey, V. Blanchet, A. Bagnato and M.G. Strillacci

Local breeds as a support for the protected area resilience
Bojkovski,T. Flisar and M. Simčič

Life Cycle Assessment of broiler chicken production using different genotypes and low-input diets
Berton,A. Huerta, A. Trocino, F. Bordignon, E. Sturaro, G. Xiccato and M. Birolo

Geographical distribution of Slovenian local breeds over time
Flisar,Š. Malovrh and D. Bojkovski