Session 46. Tools and technologies for the exploitation of livestock genomes

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Date: 29 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Roozen

Theatre Session 46

08.30 Farmed animal genomes: status and where next
Invited A.L. Archibald, D.W. Burt and B.P. Dalrymple

09.00 The experience of managing cutting-edge science in Quantomics
Invited A. Bagnato, C.C. Warkup and A.W.M. Roozen

09.15 Identification and conservation of novel long noncoding RNAs in cattle using RNASeq data
D. Kedra, G. Bussotti, P. Prieto, P. Sørensen, A. Bagnato, S.D. McKay, R. Schnabel, J.F. Taylor, R. Guigo and C. Notredame

09.30 Snpredict: an integrated tool to assess the functional impact of SNPs
H. Tafer and P.F. Stadler

09.45 Validation of QTL affecting mastitis in dairy cattle
J. Vilkki, M. Dolezal, G. Sahana, A. Bagnato, H. Tafer, T. Iso-Touru, F. Panitz, E. Santus and M. Soller

10.00 Genomic information assisted selection
T.H.E. Meuwissen

10.45 Partitioning of genomic variance using prior biological information
S.M. Edwards, L. Janss, P. Madsen and P. Sørensen

11.00 The weighted interaction SNP hub (Wish) network method for systems genetics analyses
L.J.A. Kogelman and H.N. Kadarmideen

11.15 High resolution copy number variable regions in Brown Swiss dairy cattle and their value as markers
M.A. Dolezal, K. Schlangen, F. Panitz, L. Pellegrino, M. Soller, E. Santus, M. Jaritz and A. Bagnato

11.30 Analysis of next-generation sequence data of Swiss dairy populations
C.F. Baes, S. Jansen, B. Bapst, M. Dolezal, J. Moll, R. Fries, B. Gredler and U. Schnyder

11.45 Genomics and metabolomics approaches to identify markers associated with economic traits in pigs
L. Fontanesi, S. Dall’olio, F. Fanelli, E. Scotti, G. Schiavo, F. Bertolini, F. Tassone, A.B. Samorè, G.L. Mazzoni, S. Bovo, M. Gallo, L. Buttazzoni, G. Galimberti, D.G. Calò, P.L. Martelli, R. Casadio, U. Pagotto and V. Russo

12.00 Search for pleiotropic effects in genome regions affecting number of teats in pigs
B. Harlizius, N. Duijvesteijn, M.S. Lopes and E.F. Knol

12.15 Investigation of inter-individual epigenetic variability in bovine clones: a high throughput study
H. Kiefer, L. Jouneau, E. Campion, M.-L. Martin-Magniette, S. Balzergue, P. Chavatte-Palmer, C. Richard, D. Le Bourhis, J.-P. Renard and H. Jammes


Poster Session 46

SNP detection workflow for deep re-sequencing data in cattle
L.-E. Holm, M.A. Dolezal, A. Bagnato, J. Vilkki and F. Panitz

A case control GWAS for APEC in a commercial broiler cross
M.A. Dolezal, T.H.E. Meuwissen, F. Schiavini, K.A. Watson, J. Vilkki, D.W. Burt, M. Soller and A. Bagnato

Marker to marker LD in relation to the history of the site
M. Soller, M.A. Dolezal, A. Bagnato, N. O’sullivan, J. Fulton, E. Santus and E. Lipkin

Linkage disequilibrium in Brown Swiss cattle with Illumina 50K and 777K arrays
E. Lipkin, A. Bagnato, M.A. Dolezal, E. Santos and M. Soller

A medium resolution SNP array based CNV scan in Italian Brown Swiss dairy cattle
L. Pellegrino, M.A. Dolezal, C. Maltecca, D. Velayutham, M.G. Strillacci, E. Frigo, K. Schlangen, A.B. Samoré, F. Schiavini, E. Santus, C. Warkup and A. Bagnato

RN gene polymorphisms effect in a family based-structure scheme in French purebred pig populations
M.J. Mercat, K. Feve, N. Muller, C. Larzul and J. Riquet

A genome wide association study for additive and dominance effects of number of teats in pigs
M.S. Lopes, J.W.M. Bastiaansen, E.F. Knol and H. Bovenhuis

Mapping QTL for fatty acids in Italian Brown Swiss breed using a selective DNA pooling
M.G. Strillacci, E. Frigo, F. Canavesi, F. Schiavini, M. Soller, E. Lipkin, R. Tal-Stein, Y. Kashi, E. Shimoni, Y. Ungar and A. Bagnato

Comparison of the Polish and German Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle populations using SNP microarrays
J. Szyda, T. Suchocki, S. Qanbari and H. Simianer

Validation of a new rabbit microarray: transcriptome variation in PBMCs after in vitro stimulation
V. Jacquier, J. Estellé, B. Panneau, J. Lecardonnel, M. Moroldo, G. Lemonnier, T. Gidenne, I. Oswald, V. Duranthon and C. Rogel-Gaillard

Productivity improvement in sheep associating polygenic selection and diffusion of the FecXR allele
J. Folch, B. Lahoz, J.L. Alabart, J.H. Calvo, E. Fantova and L. Pardos

Investigation of bovine leukocyte adhesion deficiency genetic defect in Iranian Holstein cows
B. Hemati and M. Ranji