Session 47. Gut health and immune response in mono-gastric animals

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Date: 29 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Van Duinkerken

Theatre Session 47

08.30 Microbiomics of farm animals: elucidating the interplay of microbiota with its mammalian host
J. Zhang, O. Perez-Gutierrez and H. Smidt

09.00 Microbiota, metabolism and immunity: the role of early-life in determining piglet performance
C.R. Stokes, M.C. Lewis, Z. Christoforidou and M. Bailey

09.30 Effect of sow antibiotics and offspring diet on microbiota and barrier function throughout life
J.P. Lallès, M.E. Arnal, G. Boudry, S. Ferret-Bernard, I. Le Huërou-Luron, J. Zhang and H. Smidt

10.00 In vitro models to analyse nutritional and microbial antigens at the intestinal mucosal surface
E. Mengheri, I.P. Oswald and H.J. Rothkötter

10.45 Early microbiota association and dietary interventions affect gut development and function in pigs
A.J.M. Jansman, S.J. Koopmans, J. Zhang and H. Smidt

11.15 A mucin-enriched fermentation model to assess prebiotic potential of new indigestible carbohydrates
C. Boudry, T.H.T. Tran, Y. Blaise, A. Thewis and J. Bindelle

11.30 Responses in gastrointestinal ecosystem of pigs fed liquid diets containing fermented whey permeates
S. Sugiharto, C. Lauridsen and B.B. Jensen

11.45 A maternal scFOS supplementation modulates maturation of the immune system of piglets
C. Le Bourgot, S. Ferret-Bernard, E. Apper, S. Blat, F. Respondek and I. Le Huërou-Luron

12.00 Perinatal antibiotic treatment of sows affects intestinal barrier and immune system in offspring
S. Ferret-Bernard, G. Boudry, L. Le Normand, V. Romé, G. Savary, C. Perrier, J.P. Lallès and I. Le Huërou-Luron


Poster Session 47

Single and combined effects of Bacillus subtilis and inulin on performance of late-phase laying hens
A. Abdelqader, A. Al-Fataftah and G. Das

A nutrigenomic approach to identify pathways involved in stress response in gut weaning piglets
L. Bomba, E. Eufemi, N. Bacciu, S. Capomaccio, A. Minuti, E. Trevisi, M. Lizier, F. Lucchini, M. Rzepus, A. Prandini, F. Rossi, P. Ajmone Marsan and G. Bertoni