Session 47. Livestock farming systems free communications: livestock sustainability

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: M. Tichit

Theatre Session 47

Health surveillance in organic dairy farms: comparing indicators of farmers to those of scientists
J. Duval, N. Bareille, A. Madouasse and C. Fourichon

Assessment of indirect employment related to livestock farming
A. Lang, P. Dupraz, Y. Tregaro and P.M. Rosner

Evaluation of the sustainability of the Moroccan sheep meat production systems by the IDEA method
A. Araba and A. Boughalmi

Novel dairy systems as an adaptation to diminishing phosphate resources
M.D. March, D.J. Roberts, A.W. Stott and L. Toma

Literature review on NH3 and GHG emitted by pig production – part 1: building emissions
N. Guingand, S. Espagnol and M. Hassouna

Literature review on NH3 and GHG emitted by pig production – part 2: storage, treatment and spreading
S. Espagnol, N. Guingand and M. Hassouna

Barriers for improvement of manure management
T. Vellinga, K. Andeweg, E. Teenstra and C. Opio


Poster Session 47

Water footprint of extensive sheep systems in the semi-arid region of Chile
P. Toro-Mujica, C. Aguilar and R. Vera

Lambs performance with limited access to grazing: stocking rates and supplementation effects
L. Piaggio, M.D.E.J. Marichal, M.L. Del Pino, H. Deschenaux and O. Bentancur

Evaluation of different covers to reduce gaseous emissions from pig liquid manure
R. Matulaitis, V. Juskiene and R. Juska

Preliminary study on Alpine ibex and livestock distribution in Gran Paradiso National Park
M. Zurlo, E. Avanzinelli, B. Bassano and N. Miraglia

Treatment efficiency of the plug-flow anaerobic digester for swine farm wastewater in Thailand
C. Nuengjamnong and P. Rachdawong

A comparison of egg production from hens reared under organic,semi organic and conventional systems
A. Salahshour, R. Vakili and A. Foroghi