Session 47. Phenotyping vs monitoring: better exploitation of measurement data for breeding and management

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Automated detection of dairy cows’ lying behaviour using spatial data
Adriaens,W. Ouweltjes, M. Pastell, E. Ellen and C. Kamphuis

Social network analysis of dairy cow contacts inside a free-stall barn
Marina,I. Hansson, W.F. Fikse, P.P. Nielsen and L. Rönnegård

Machine learning methods to predict blood metabolites in dairy cows using milk infrared spectra
Giannuzzi,E. Trevisi, L.F.M. Mota, S. Pegolo, F. Tagliapietra, S. Schiavon, L. Gallo, P. Ajmone Marsan and A. Cecchinato

Relevance of sensoring data from automated precision supplementation for breeding and management
H.L. Foged

The compensatory effect of quarters for milk yield perturbation in dairy cows
Xu,Y. Song, I. Adriaens and B. Aernouts

Analysing lying behaviour using real-time location system data in a dairy cow group
Melzerand J. Langbein

Classification of mastitis in cows using deep learning approach with model regularisation
Kotlarz,M. Mielczarek and J. Szyda

Automated activity estimates of finishing pigs during weighing are repeatable and heritable
Gorssen,C. Winters, R. Meyermans, S. Janssens, R. D’Hooge and N. Buys

Analysis of social behaviours in large groups simulation and genetic evaluation
Wang,H.P. Doekes and P. Bijma

CT scanning whole yellowtail kingfish accurately estimates fillet fat %
Milotic,A. Lymbery, G. Gardner, G. Partridge, F. Anderson and R. Lymbery

Novel phenotypes in the honeybee, Apis mellifera, based on real-time hive telemetry
G.E.L. Petersen, M. Post, D. Gupta, R. Mathews, A.C. Walters, P.F. Fennessy and P.K. Dearden

An international trading language for intramuscular fat% in sheep meat
G.E. Gardner, C.L. Alston-Knox and S.M. Stewart

Digital breeding and assisted management in organic rabbit farming: the first results
Huang,M. Gigou, J.P. Goby, D. Savietto and T. Gidenne


Digitalizing livestock management to improve production
J.L.M. Caçador

Combining real-time data and InraPorc® simulations to perform precision feeding in pigs
Brossard,C. Largouët and L. Bonneau De Beaufort

New insights to predict seminal quality in young Limousine bulls
Noya,A. Montori, O. Escobedo†, J. Cancer, A. Echegaray, L. Gil, S. Villellas and A. Sanz

Bodyweight loss estimation of Holstein dairy cows using milk-analysis prediction of bodyweight
Tedde,V. Wolf, M. Calmels, J. Leblois, C. Grelet, P.N. Ho, J.E. Pryce, G. Plastow, D. Hailemariam, Wang,N. Gengler, E. Froidmont, I. Dufrasne, C. Bertozzi, F. Dehareng, M.A. Crowe, A. Bayram and Soyeurt

Differences and similarities in the phenotypic evaluation of European Red dairy cattle
Š. Marašinskienė, R. Šveistienė and V. Juškienė

Use of artificial neural networks for prediction of milk yield of dairy cows
Matvieiev,Y.U. Romasevych and A. Getya

Digital technology adopted in customized heifer growth management
Kasarda,P. Chudej and N. Moravčíková

Use of digital image analysis in evaluation of claw traits in dairy cattle
Kasarda,P. Polák, J. Tomka and N. Moravčíková

Romanian sheep farmers’ welfare priorities and their knowledge on precision livestock farming
L.T. Cziszter, C.M. Dwyer, S.O. Voia, E.N. Sossidou, S.E. Erina and C. Morgan-Davies

FOLLOW PIG software: a tool for breeders for the conservation of indigenous swine genetic resources
S.G. Giovannini and F.M.S. Sarti

Aligning CT Scanner data used in determining carcass composition via the XTE-CT phantom
A.J. Williams, K.L. Mata and G.E. Gardner

Carcase sectioning and computed tomography slice width have little effect on estimated lean and fat%
Mata,S. Connaughton, G.E. Gardner, F. Anderson and A. Williams