Session 47. Safety, regulatory issues and effects of insects in animal feed

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: T. Arsiwalla

Theatre Session 47

Insect production: current EU regulations and sector’s 1-3 year roadmap for widening opportunities
T. Arsiwalla

Safety aspects when rearing insects for feed or food consumption
H.J. Van Der Fels-Klerx, R. Andriessen, J. Van Schelt, R. Van Dam, T.C. De Rijk and L. Camenzuli

Legal challenges and opportunities for insects as novel food and their use in animal feed
N. Carbonnelle

Effect of post-harvest starvation and rinsing on microbial numbers in mealworm larvae
E. Bragason and A.N. Jensen

Consumers’ acceptance of insects as food, feed and dog food: a comparative study
T. Von Jeinsen and H. Heise

Insects in animal feed: beyond the protein concept
L. Gasco

Feeding on larvae of black solider flies doesn’t substantially modify chicken caecal microbiota
N. Moula, J.-F. Cabaraux, E. Dawans, B. Taminiau and J. Detilleux

Nutritive value of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae reared with onion residues
O. Moreira, B. Nardozi, R. Nunes and D. Murta

In vitro rumen fermentation of black soldier fly larvae reared on different sources of food waste
K. Di Giacomo, P.A. Giraldo, C. Leach and B.J. Leury

Effects of black soldier fly meal in poultry and fish diets on performance and product quality
F. Leiber, T. Stadtlander, J. Wohlfahrt, C. Sandrock and V. Maurer

Poster Session 47

Evaluation of reusable hiding units for rearing house crickets (Acheta domesticus)
M. Vaga, E. Gustafsson and A. Jansson

Optimizing growth during first weeks of Tenebrio molitor rearing
C.L. Coudron, D. Deruytter, J. Claeys and S. Teerlinck

Morphology and localization of carbonic anhydrase in the digestive tract of the house cricket
E. Thorsson, A. Jansson and L. Holm

Insects for feed: descriptive statistics on proximate and nutritional composition from a review
D. Meo Zilio and M. Guarino Amato

Black soldier fly larvae reared on contaminated substrate by L. monocytogenes and Salmonella
F. Defilippo, A. Grisendi, V. Listorti, M. Dottori and P. Bonilauri

Nutritional evaluation of meal from earthworm reared on fruit and vegetable waste
A. Tava, E. Biazzi and D. Tedesco