Session 48. Adaptation of livestock farming systems to climate change and uncertainty

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Date: 30 August 2012; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Ingrand
Theatre Session 

Supporting adaptation of farming systems to climate change and uncertainty: a position paper
Martin, G.

Alpacas and llamas in Peru; comparison of two production systems: how does the future look like?
Gutierrez, G., Flores, E., Ruiz, J., Schrevens, E. and Wurzinger, M.

Several animal species in the same farm: a system from the past or an innovation for the future?
Cournut, S., Bajusz, I. and Ingrand, S.

Rearing two-breed-dairy-cattle to improve farms’ forage self-sufficiency in relation to climate chan
Thenard, V., Mihout, S. and Magne, M.A.

Livestock farming and uncertainties: exploring tipping points and resilience with viability tools
Tichit, M., Puillet, L., Martin, O., Douhard, F., Friggens, N.C. and Sauvant, D.

Climatic hazards in suckling farms: analysis of farmers needs for grassland insurance
Fourdin, S., Dockès, A.-C. and Le Floch, E.

Effect of farming practices and alternative land uses on greenhouse gas emissions of beef production
Nguyen, T.T.H., Doreau, M., Eugène, M., Corson, M.S. and Van Der Werf, H.M.G.

Controversial role of mobility faced to climatic changes in the rainfed coastal zone of Egypt
Alary, V., Aboul-Naga, A., Abdelzaher, M., Hassan, F., Messad, S., Bonnet, P. and Tourrand, J.F.


Poster Session 

Points of view on adaptation of local breeds to harsh conditions: the Corsican cattle breed case
Lauvie, A., Casabianca, F., Coquelle, C. and Pretrel, M.

Effect of using shading on sheep performance in summer season
Abedo, A.A., El-Sayed, H.M., El-Bordeny, N.E., Hamdy, S.M., Soliman, H.S. and Daoud, E.N.