Session 48. Cattle production in a changing policy environment in Europe

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Date: 29 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Zehetmeier / Sarzeaud

Theatre Session 48

08.30 French livestock systems facing the new context of market and policy
C. Perrot and P. Sarzeaud

09.15 The impact of the CAP reform on the profitability of dairy and beef farms in Italy until 2020
K. De Roest, C. Montanari and A. Menghi

09.45 Beef production in Europe and Germany: status and perspectives
C. Deblitz

10.45 CAP impact on cattle sector, markets and prices in Central and Eastern European countries
I. Stokovic, P. Polak, M. Klopcic and A. Svitojus

11.15 Economic performance and greenhouse gas emissions of Irish beef cattle production
P. Crosson, E.G. O’riordan and M. McGee

11.45 Some considerations for the future of grassland dairy farming in Austria
M. Kapfer, J. Kantelhardt and T. Moser

12.00 An empirical assessment of microeconomic effects from suckler cow farming in Austria
S. Kirchweger, M. Eder, M. Kapfer and J. Kantelhardt