Session 48. Climate care dairy farming

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Estimation of THI critical threshold affecting milk production traits in Italian Water Buffaloes
Maggiolino,N. Bartolomeo, A. Tondo, A. Salzano, G. Neglia, V. Landi and P. De Palo

Physiological, productive and metabolic parameters during heat stress in Brown Swiss and Holstein
Landi,A. Maggiolino, F. Giannico, G. Calzaretti and P. De Palo

Effect of acclimatisation in physiological parameters of high-yielding dairy cows
Silva,L. Cachucho, C. Matos, A. Geraldo, E. Lamy, F. Capela E Silva, C. Conceição and A. Pereira

Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets – main uptakes

Emission research in dairy cattle barns
Klopčič,M. Bric, E. Selak and N. Valcl

Greenhouse gases and ammonia emissions from naturally ventilated dairy buildings of NW Portugal
A.R.F. Rodrigues, M.E. Silva, V.F. Silva, A. Gomes, L. Ferreira, M.R.G. Maia, A.R.J. Cabrita, H. Trindade,
A.J.M. Fonseca and J.L. Pereira

Climate-neutral policy in the dairy sector expectations and current situation an example of Latvia
Ruska, K. Naglis-Liepa, D.Kreismane, J. Priekulis, A. Lenerts, A. Dorbe, S. Rancane, L. Degola and D. Jonkus

Understanding the greenhouse gas and ammonia mitigation strategies in French dairy farms
EvratGeorgel and X. Verge

View of farmers on GHG and ammonia emissions by survey in eight countries
Eory,P. Hargreaves and V. Becciolini

Climate care dairy farming – highlights and discussion
Kuipers,N. Edouard, D. Ruska, R. Keatinge, A. De Vries and P. Galama