Session 48. Sustainable cows, herd practices and product quality – part 2

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Date: 28 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Thaller

Theatre Session 48

14.00 Effect of feed ration on milk production and quality
Invited M.K. Larsen, S.K. Jensen, T. Kristensen and M.R. Weisbjerg

14.30 Affecting milk composition of Jersey cows in grass silage of different cuts with or without rapeseed
S. Vogdanou, M.R. Weisbjerg, J. Dijkstra and M.K. Larsen

14.45 Can milk composition analysis predict grass content in rations?
A. Elgersma

15.00 Low protein degradability and precision protein feeding improve nitrogen efficiency of dairy cows
E. Cutullic, L. Delaby, N. Edouard and P. Faverdin

15.15 Animal performance and carcass characteristics of cattle fed different levels of yerba mate
A. Berndt, M.P. Vidal, R.T. Nassu, R.R. Tullio, M.E. Picharillo and D.R. Cardoso

15.30 Cow health and welfare in bedded pack dairy barns
W. Ouweltjes and P. Galama


16.15 Bedding and housing in relation to cow comfort, milk quality and emissions
Invited P.J. Galama, F. Driehuis, H.J. Van Dooren, H. De Boer and W. Ouweltjes

16.45 Generating test-day methane emissions as a basis for genetic studies with random regression models
T. Yin, T. Pinent, K. Brügemann, H. Simianer and S. König

17.00 Effect of reduced dietary protein and concentrate:forage ratio when cows enters deposition phase
L. Alstrup, L. Hymøller and M.R. Weisbjerg

17.15 Integrated modeling of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from dairy farming
C.E. Van Middelaar, P.B.M. Berentsen, J. Dijkstra and I.J.M. De Boer

17.30 Effects of dietary forage proportion on energy utilisation of lactating dairy cows
L.F. Dong, T. Yan, C.P. Ferris and D.A. McDowell

17.45 Effect of different rotational stocking management of Brachiaria brizantha on weight gain of heifers
M.L.P. Lima, F.F. Simili, E.G. Ribeiro, A. Giacomini, A.E. Vercesi Filho, J.M.C. Silveira and L.C. Roma Junior


Poster Session 48

Follicular characteristics of lactating Nellore cows submitted to the 5-d EB+CIDR program administer
M.V.C. Ferraz Jr., A.V. Pires, M.V. Biehl, R. Sartori Filho, M.H. Santos, L.H. Cruppe and M.L. Day

Influence of dietary protein source on milk clotting time and rennet coagulation ability
M.R. Yossifov

ACE-inhibitory activity of two hard cheeses at different ripening stages
L. Basiricò, P. Morera, E. Catalani, U. Bernabucci and A. Nardone