Session 48. Towards 5 ton of pork per sow per year

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Date: 31 August 2016; 14:00- 16:00 hours
Chairperson: E.F. Knol / G. Bee


Theatre Session 48

Developing a 5 tonne sow: Biologically Possible or Commercially Probable?
G.A. Walling and E.F. Knol

L-arginine and L-carnitine in gestating sow diets to optimise output and piglet growth
K. Reid, K. O’Driscoll, E. Magowan, J. O’Doherty and P.G. Lawlor

Improving performance of small pigs post weaning using nurse sows or starter nutrition
A. Craig and E. Magowan

Cross fostering affects the performance of both small and heavy piglets throughout production
A.M.S. Huting, I. Wellock and I. Kyriazakis

Quantifying the relation between reproduction and finishing traits
R.H. Vogelzang, E.F. Knol and L.L. Janss

Modelling fattening pig production systems: use of a dynamic, stochastic, mechanistic model
A. Cadéro, A. Aubry, L. Brossard, J.Y. Dourmad, Y. Salaün and F. Garcia-Launay

Fat and protein accretion in grower-finisher pigs fed two protein levels
I. Ruiz-Ascacibar, P. Stoll and G. Bee

Phase feeding groups of pigs representing high or low weight variation
E. Magowan, J. Keenan and V.E. Beattie

The effect of sex and slaughter weight on carcass quality in pigs
A. Van Den Broeke, F. Leen, M. Aluwé, J. Van Meensel and S. Millet

Performance curves for growing finishing pigs: evaluation of published growth models
F. Leen, A. Van Den Broeke, M. Aluwé, B. Ampe, L. Lauwers, J. Van Meensel and S. Millet

Calculation of economic values for new traits in Norwegian Landrace; lean meat and fat efficiency
K.H. Martinsen, D. Olsen, J. Ødegård and T.H.E. Meuwissen

Evolution of attitudes towards estimated breeding values in Flemish pig farmers
S. Palmans, M. Van Der Voort, S. Millet, S. Janssens, N. Buys and J. Van Meensel

Panel discussion


Posters Session

EWPIG: a program to calculate economic weights of traits in pigs
Z. Krupová, E. Krupa, M. Wolfová, J. Wolf and E. Žáková

Length of productive life in Czech Large White and Czech Landrace sows
E. Žáková, E. Krupa and Z. Krupová

Study of lifetime performance in three pig breeds on a Hungarian commercial farm
Á. Bagi-Hunyadi, S.Z. Kusza and P. Balogh

Digestible energy intake during gestation and associated sow reproductive performance
A. Lavery, P.G. Lawlor, H.M. Miller, K. O’Driscoll, D.P. Berry and E. Magowan