Session 49. High quality and sustainable milk and meat products from cattle

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Organic livestock production in the USA: facts and figures
BignardiDa Costa

Productivity gains of organic ruminant farms: farm size and feed self-sufficiency matter
Veysset,E. Kouakou and J.J. Minviel

Organic woodchip versus conventional straw bedding on dairy cows production, behaviour and cleanline
Simoni,R. Pitino, G. Mantovani, G. Carone, L. Mochen, T. Danese and F. Righi

Composition of organic and conventional Italian cheeses
C.L. Manuelian, M. Pozza, M. Franzoi and M. De Marchi

Effect of feeding system on SPME-GC-MS profile of mountain Asiago cheese
Segato,A. Caligiani, G. Marchesini, I. Lanza, G. Galaverna, L. Serva, B. Contiero and G. Cozzi

Beef carcase DEXA can predict lean trim weights
H.B. Calnan, B. Madlener and G.E. Gardner

How to assess beef and dairy products qualities according to farming systems: a review
Martin,I. Legrand, M. Coppa and J.F. Hocquette

Sensory and instrumental characterization of dry-aged loins of Bruna d’Andorra breed
Panella-Riera,C. Zomeño, G. Martínez, M. Gispert, M. Gil and M. Font-I-Furnols

Meat quality parameters in Pajuna breed young bulls and steers – preliminary results
Cantarero-Aparicio,F. Peña, C. Avilés, J. García-Gudiño, J. Perea and E. Angon

Investigation of beef eating quality through MSA grading system
Santinello,N. Rampado, M. De Marchi and M. Penasa

Across countries NIRS technology to predict MSA marbling score
Goi,M. Kombolo, M. Santinello, N. Rampado, J.-F. Hocquette, M. Penasa and M. De Marchi

Organ lesions in beef cattle – Reliability between authorised inspectors and an independent observer
Pitz,M. Krieger, M. Trilling and A. Sundrum


The INTAQT project: tools to assess and authenticate poultry, beef and dairy products
Martin,C. Laithier, F. Leiber, R. Eppenstein, E. Sturaro, F. Klevenhusen, S. De Smet, M. Petracci, C.L. De Marchi, C.L. Manuelian, J.F. Hocquette, D. Lopes, F. Faria Anjos, M. Bondoux and C. Berri

Regulation of myogenesis and lipid deposition in bovine muscle satellite cells by miR-100 and -101
B.A. Mir, E. Albrecht and S. Maak

Pasture-raised Maremmana beef: effect of cooking with superheated steam oven on lipid oxidation
Tinagli,M. Tognocchi, G. Conte, L. Casarosa and A. Serra

Pelvic suspension of carcass improve meat quality traits of zebu cattle
L.A.L. Chardulo, W.A. Baldassini, M.A.S. Coutinho, G.A. Rovadoscki, C.P. Oliveira, J.A. Napolitano,
O.R. Machado Neto, R.A. Curi, G.L. Pereira and M.A. Tagiariolli

Saponins levels in Fenugreek seeds and their effect on palatability
LeBot, A. Maniere, H. Bui and A. Benarbia

Proteomic investigation of longissimus muscle from beef cattle fed corn wet distillers grains
W.A. Baldassini, J.D. Leonel, A.J.R.A. Vieira, R. Scapol, R.C. Rodrigues, M.A. Tagiariolli, J.A. Torrecilhas,
R.A. Curi, O.R. Machado Neto and L.A.L. Chardulo

Antibiotic resistant bacteria in organic poultry meat: is this possible?

Effects of Cu, Zn and Mn hydroxide minerals supplementation in cattle diets: a quantitative review
Ibraheem,B. Bradford, D. Brito De Araujo and K. Griswold