Session 49. High quality pig production with local breeds (with H2020 project TREASURE)

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: S. Millet / M. Čandek-Potokar

Theatre Session 49

Outlook on local pig breeds as drivers of high quality pig production-ambitions in project TREASURE
M. Čandek-Potokar, L. Fontanesi, J.M. Gil, B. Lebret, R. Nieto, M.A. Oliver, C. Ovilo and C. Pugliese

Environmental impacts of pig production systems relying on European local breeds
A.N.T.R. Monteiro, A. Wilfart, V.J. Utzeri, N.B. Lukač, U. Tomažin, L. Nanni-Costa, M. Čandek-Potokar, L. Fontanesi, J. Faure and F. Garcia-Launay

Digestibility and nitrogen balance in Cinta Senese growing pigs fed different protein levels
C. Aquilani, F. Sirtori, R. Bozzi, O. Franci, A. Acciaioli and C. Pugliese

Effects of immunocastration on performance and nitrogen utilization of Iberian pigs
P. Palma-Granados, N. Herrera, L. Lara, M. Lachica, I. Fernández-Fígares, I. Seiquer, A. Haro and R. Nieto

Development of long-term, pre-finishing immunocastration protocols for male Iberian pigs: 2. carcass
F.I. Hernández-García, M. Izquierdo, M.A. Pérez, A.I. Del Rosario, N. Garrido and J. García-Gudiño

Gut microbiota analyses for sustainable European local porcine breeds: a TREASURE pilot study
J. Estellé, M. Čandek-Potokar, M. Škrlep, Č. Radović, R. Savić, D. Karolyi, K. Salajpal, M.J. Mercat, G. Lemonnier, O. Bouchez, J.M. García-Casco, P. Palma-Granados, R. Nieto, A.I. Fernández, B. Lebret and C. Óvilo

Modelling study with InraPorc® to evaluate nutritional requirements of growing pigs in local breeds
L. Brossard, R. Nieto, J.P. Araujo, C. Pugliese, Č. Radović and M. Čandek-Potokar

An alternative to restricted feeding in Iberian pigs using an agro-industrial by-product of olive oil
J.M. García-Casco, M. Muñoz, M.A. Fernández-Barroso, A. López-García, C. Caraballo, J.M. Martínez-Torres and E. González-Sánchez

Effects of pasture keeping and acorn feeding on growth, carcass- and meat quality of SH pigs
M. Petig, C. Zimmer, M. Čandek-Potokar, S. König and H. Brandt

Effects of rice husk supplementation during pre-finishing on production traits of Iberian pigs
M. Izquierdo, F.I. Hernández-García, J. García-Gudiño, J. Matías, N. Garrido, I. Cuadrado and M.A. Pérez

Determination of fatty acid groups in intramuscular fat of various local pig breeds by FT-NIRS
R. Bozzi, S. Parrini, A. Crovetti, C. Pugliese, A. Bonelli, S. Gasparini, D. Karolyi, J.M. Martins, J.M. Garcia-Casco, N. Panella-Riera, R. Nieto, M. Petig, M. Izquierdo, V. Razmaite, I. Djurkin Kušec, J.P. Araujo, M. Čandek-Potokar and B. Lebret

Consumers’ study on traditional pork products from local breeds: expectations and hedonic evaluation
B. Lebret, Z. Kallas, H. Lenoir, M.H. Perruchot, M. Vitale and M.A. Oliver

Economic valuation of social demand for key features of the Noir de Bigorre pork production chain
L. Brossard, F. Garcia-Launay, B. Lebret, J. Faure, E. Varela and J.M. Gil

Poster Session 49

Majorcan Black Pig: a sustainable production system for high quality meat products
J. Tibau, N. Torrentó, J. Jaume, J. González, M. Čandek-Potokar, N. Batorek-Lukač and R. Quintanilla

Innovative patties from Majorcan Black Pig meat: results of a consumer study in Barcelona
J. Dilmé, E. Rivera-Toapanta, M. Vitale, Z. Kallas, M. Gil and M.A. Oliver

Some results on performances of Krškopolje pigs in project TREASURE
N. Batorek-Lukač, U. Tomažin, M. Škrlep and M. Čandek-Potokar

Effect of acorn feeding on quality and aromatic profile of dry sausages produced from Turopolje pigs
D. Karolyi, N. Marušić Radovčić, H. Medić, Z. Luković, U. Tomažin, M. Škrlep and M. Čandek Potokar

Consumers’ acceptance of health-related innovations in dry-cured ham from Turopolje pig breed
D. Karolyi, M. Cerjak, M.A. Oliver, J. Dilme, M. Vitale, Z. Kallas, J.M. Gil and M. Čandek Potokar

Majorcan Black Pig carcass, meat and fat quality parameters assessed by a standardised toolbox
J. Gonzalez, M. Gil, M.A. Oliver, J. Jaume, B. Lebret, I. Díaz and J. Tibau

Adipose tissue transcriptome in Iberian and Duroc pigs fed different energy sources
R. Benítez, B. Isabel, Y. Núñez, E. De Mercado, E. Gómez Izquierdo, J. García-Casco, C. López-Bote and C. Óvilo

Effects of breed, tissue and gender on cholesterol contents of pork from local Lithuanian pig breeds
V. Razmaite, S. Bliznikas and V. Jatkauskiene

Breed effects on adipose tissue and muscle transcriptome in growing Iberian and Duroc pigs
R. Benítez, B. Isabel, Y. Núñez, E. De Mercado, E. Gómez-Izquierdo, J. García-Casco, C. López-Bote and C. Óvilo

Major differences in gut microbiota composition of Iberian pigs in montanera vs commercial systems
J.M. García-Casco, M. Muñoz, G. Lemonnier, J.M. Babilliot, O. Bouchez, A.I. Fernández, F.R. Massacci, M.A. Fernández-Barroso, A. López-García, C. Caraballo, C. Óvilo and J. Estellé

Gut microbiota composition in Iberian pigs fed with olive oil by-products during the growing period
M. Muñoz, J.M. García-Casco, G. Lemonnier, D. Jardet, O. Bouchez, M.A. Fernández-Barroso, F.R. Massacci, A.I. Fernández, A. López-García, C. Caraballo, E. González-Sánchez, C. Óvilo and J. Estellé

Lithuanian consumer preferences towards products of different fatness
R. Sveistiene and S. Marasinskiene

Gut microbiota composition in Krškopolje pigs under conventional and organic production systems
J. Estellé, F.R. Massacci, D. Esquerré, D. Jardet, G. Lemonnier, C. Óvilo, M. Skrlep, K. Poklukar and M. Čandek-Potokar

Gut microbiota composition ofTuropolje pigs in outdoor production and acorn supplementation
J. Estellé, F.R. Massacci, D. Esquerré, D. Jardet, G. Lemonnier, C. Óvilo, M. Čandek-Potokar, K. Salajpal and D. Karolyi

Changes in carcass and meat traits during the montanera finishing period of Iberian pigs
M. Izquierdo, F.I. Hernández-García, N. Garrido, J. García-Gudiño, J. Matías, I. Cuadrado and M.I. Pérez

The effect of birth-weight on growth performance and meat quality in Iberian pigs
M. Vázquez-Gómez, C. García-Contreras, S. Astiz, A. Olivares, E. Fernández-Moya, A. Palomo, A. Gónzalez-Bulnes, C. Óvilo and B. Isabel

Integrated evaluation of the sustainability of the Noir de Bigorre pork chain
A.N.T.R. Monteiro, J. Faure, M.-C. Meunier-Salaün, A. Wilfart and F. Garcia-Launay

Assessing performance and management of European local pig breeds in project TREASURE
R. Nieto, M. Čandek-Potokar, C. Pugliese, J.P. Araujo, R. Charneca, J. García-Casco, E. González-Sánchez, F.I. Hernández-García, M. Izquierdo, D. Karolyi, B. Lebret, V. Margeta, M.J. Mercat, M. Petig, C. Radovic and R. Savic