Session 49. Management and nutrition of entire male growing pigs (not boar taint)

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Date: 29 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Bee

Theatre Session 49

08.30 Growth performance and behaviour of entire male pigs under various management conditions
Invited N. Quiniou, V. Courboulay, T. Goues, A. Le Roux and P. Chevillon

09.00 Phosphorus requirements and retention in entire male and female pigs, a dose-response study
P. Bikker, A.W. Jongbloed, M.M. Van Krimpen, R.A. Dekker, J.T.M. Van Diepen and S. Millet

09.15 Effect of chirurgical or immune castration on postprandial nutrient profiles in male pigs
N. Lefloch, A. Prunier and I. Louveau

09.30 Response of blood hormones and nutrients to stress in male pigs differing by their gonadal status
A. Prunier, C. Leclercq, N. Le Floc’h and E. Merlot

09.45 Effect of dietary net energy content on performance and lipid deposition in immunocastrated pigs
N. Batorek, J. Noblet, M. Bonneau, M. Candek-Potokar and E. Labussiere

10.00 Breeding against boar taint: selection strategies against boar taint in a Swiss pig sire line
A.M. Haberland, H. Luther, A. Hofer, P. Spring, E. Tholen, H. Simianer and C.F. Baes

10.45 Maximising energy intake and the growth potential of entire male pigs
Invited F.R. Dunshea

11.15 Body lesions in entire male pigs during growth and on the carcass
C. Larzul, N. Muller, V. Courboulay, L. Udin and A. Prunier

11.30 Effect of mixing entire males with females and slaughter strategy on behavior, growth and boar taint
V. Courboulay, C. Leroy, N. Quiniou and P. Chevillon

11.45 Pre slaughter conditions influence skatole and androstenone in adipose tissue and blood of boars
I. Jungbluth, R. Wesoly, V. Stefanski and U. Weiler

12.00 Different preslaughter fasting periods and their effects on boar taint compounds in finishing pigs
C. Knorr, H. Wahl, A.R. Sharifi and D. Mörlein

12.15 Farmers’ expectations and experiences with alternatives for surgical castration
M. Aluwé, F. Vanhonacker, W. Verbeke, S. Millet and F.A.M. Tuyttens