Session 49. Nutrient sensing and metabolic signaling plus free communications – Physiology

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: H. Sauerwein

Theatre Session 49

The brain-gut axis in nutrient sensing
Invited R. Zabielski and A. Kuwahara

The effects of niacin on FoxO1 and genes involved in hepatic glucose production in dairy cows
A. Kinoshita, K. Hansen, L. Locher, U. Meyer, S. Danicke, J. Rehage and K. Huber

Nutrient signalling receptors for free fatty acids and hydroxycarboxylic acids in farm animals
Invited M. Mielen


The effect of feeding level on genes related to lipid metabolism in the mammary tissue of sheep
E. Tsiplakou, E. Flemetakis and G. Zervas

Effects of sedation and general anesthesia on plasma metabolites and hormones in pigs
G. Das, A. Vernunft, S. Gors, E. Kanitz, J. Weitzel, K.-P. Brussow and C.C. Metges

Organic pollutant release from adipose to blood in response to lipomobilisation in the ewe
S. Lerch, C. Guidou, G. Rychen, A. Fournier, J.P. Thome and S. Jurjanz


Poster Session 49

Insulin as a suppressive factor of GH release in the ruminant
K. Katoh, R. Kobayashi, K. Nishihara, Y. Suzuki, K. Suzuki and S.G. Roh

Responses of weaned pigs to organic acids on growth performance and intestinal mucosa morphology
S. Khempaka, P. Pasri, S. Okrathok and W. Molee

MicroRNA expression changes after diet treatment in the liver of pigs
M. Oczkowicz, K. Pawlina, M. Świątkiewicz and M. Bugno-Poniewierska

Effects of colostrum vs formula feeding on mRNA expression of haptoglobin in neonatal calves
B. Getachew, H. Sadri, J. Steinhoff-Wagner, H.M. Hammon and H. Sauerwein

Effect of dietary fish oil on the mRNA abundance of mammary lipogenic genes in dairy ewes
D. Carreno, G. Hervas, P.G. Toral, T. Castro-Carrera, M. Fernandez and P. Frutos

Chemical composition of Olkuska sheep milk depending on fertility rate
B. Patkowska-Sokola, P. Nowakowski, M. Iwaszkiewicz, K. Czyz, R. Bodkowski and K. Roman

Dimensions of milk fat globules depending on sheep breed and lactation stage
B. Patkowska-Sokola, P. Nowakowski, K. Czyz, R. Bodkowski, M. Iwaszkiewicz, K. Roman and A. Wyrostek

Plasma insulin, glucose and amino acids responses to duodenal infusion of leucine in dairy cows
H. Sadri, D. Von Soosten, U. Meyer, J. Kluess, S. Danicke, B. Saremi and H. Sauerwein

Determination of endotoxin activity in rumen fluid with the chromogenic LAL assay
C. Emsenhuber, N. Reisinger, N. Schauerhuber, S. Schaumberger and G. Schatzmayr

Selection for feed efficiency: direct and correlated responses in two rabbit lines
H. Garreau, L. Drouilhet, J. Ruesche, A. Tircazes, M. Theau-Clement, T. Joly, E. Balmisse and H. Gilbert

The effect of tannins on the production parameters and quality of pork in Large white breed
O. Bučko, A. Lehotayova, P. Juhas, J. Petrak, M. Margetin, K. Vavrišinova, I. Bahelka and O. Debreceni

Analysis of factors affecting length of productive life of Latvian brown cows breed
L. Cielava, D. Jonkus and L. Paura

Effect of aluminosilicate adsorbents on milk aflatoxin M1 concentration of Holstein dairy cows
M. Mojtahedi, M. Danesh Mesgaran and A.R. Vakili

Metabolic response to diet energy restriction in ewes selected for high and low mastitis resistance
J. Bouvier-Muller, C. Allain, F. Enjalbert, P. Hassoun, D. Portes, C. Caubet, C. Tasca, G. Tabouret, G. Foucras and R. Rupp

Response to selection for intramuscular fat content and correlated responses in other muscles
M. Martinez-Alvaro, V. Juste, A. Blasco and P. Hernandez

Fitting nutrition to genetic selection: dietary energy source and fitness response in rabbit does
A. Arnau-Bonachera, C. Cervera, E. Blas, E. Martinez-Paredes, L. Rodenas and J.J. Pascual