Session 49. The role of small ruminants in meeting global challenges for sustainable intensification

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Date: 28 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: T. Adnoy

Theatre Session 49

14.00 The role of small ruminants in meeting the global challenges for sustainable intensification
Invited J. Conington, S. Mucha, N. Lambe, C. Morgan-Davies and L. Bunger

14.30 Adaptation goat production systems to climate change
N. Koluman Darcan and I. Daskiran

14.45 Sustainable and low input dairy goat production in Greece
G. Arsenos, A. Gelasakis, R. Giannakou, S. Termazidou, M. Karatzia, K. Soufleri, P. Kazana and A. Aggelidis

15.00 Emission of rumen methane from sheep in silvopastoral system
F.O. Alari, N. Andrade, N.C. Meister, E.B. Malheiros and A.C. Ruggieri

15.15 Influence of dietary lipid supplements on methanogenesis, digestion and milk production in dairy cow
A.R. Bayat, H. Leskinen, I. Tapio, J. Vilkki and K.J. Shingfield

15.30 Genetic characterization and polymorphism detection of casein genes in Egyptian sheep breeds
O. Othman, S. El-Fiky, N. Hassan, E. Mahfouz and E. Balabel


16.15 Effect of forage type and protein supplementation on chewing and faecal particle size in sheep
P. Nørgaard, J.I. Gerdinum, C. Helander and E. Nadeau

16.30 Effect of aS1-casein genotypes on yield and chemical composition of milk from Skopelos goats
G. Arsenos, A. Gelasakis and M.S. Kalamaki

16.45 Liver gene expression in periparturient dairy goats fed diets enriched with stearate or PUFA
J.M. Caputo, G. Invernizzi, M. Ferroni, A. Agazzi, J.J. Loor, V. Dell’Orto and G. Savoini

17.00 Quantifying multifunctionality of pasture-based livestock systems in Mediterranean mountains
A. Bernués, T. Rodríguez-Ortega, R. Ripoll-Bosch and F. Alfnes

17.15 Effects of levels of chicory on feedlot performance of Fars native lambs
M.R. Hashemi, B. Eilami and A.H. Karimi

17.30 Milk fat content and fatty acid profile of heat-stressed dairy goats supplemented with soybean oil
S. Hamzaoui, A.A.K. Salama, G. Caja, E. Albanell and X. Such


Poster Session 49

Lambing performances and maternal behavior of Najdi ewes under intensive conditions
M. Alshaikh, R. Aljumaah, M. Ayadi, M. Alfriji, A. Alhaidary and G. Caja

Karyotypes studies of three different types of Ovis species hybrids
M.A. Zhilinsky, V.A. Bagirov, P.M. Klenovitsky, B.S. Iolchiev, V.P. Kononov, V.V. Shpak and N.A. Zinovieva

Effect of chicory in diet on carcass characteristics of Fars native lambs
B. Eilami, M.R. Hashemi and A.H. Karimi