Session 49. What’s new about stress, behaviour, physiology and welfare in animals?

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Date: 30 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Veissier
Theatre Session 

Cognitive processes involved in the development of animal stress and welfare
Boissy, A., Destrez, A., Deiss, V., Aubert, A. and Veissier, I.

Cognitive bias as welfare indicator in Japanese quail
Horváthová, M., Košťál, Ľ. and Pichová, K.

Relationship between eye temperature, heart rate and show jumping performance in horses
Bartolomé, E., Sánchez, M.J., Márquez, M., Romero, J. and Valera, M.

The effect of BLUP selection for socially affected traits on the rate of inbreeding: a simulation
Khaw, H.L. and Bijma, P.

Identification of QTL for behavioural reactivity in sheep using the ovineSNP50 beadchip
Hazard, D., Foulquié, D., Delval, E., François, D., Bouix, J., Sallé, G., Moreno, C. and Boissy, A.

Physiological aspects of stress and welfare
Von Borell, E.

Dairy cow welfare in commercial French farms: major issues and the influence of farm type
De Boyer Des Roches, A., Veissier, I. and Mounier, L.

Aggressive behaviour of dairy cows at a large dairy farm; a case study
Coster, A., Borrell, M. and Van Zwieten, J.T.

Body positions of pigs in an early stage of aggression
Ismayilova, G., Oczak, M., Costa, A., Sonoda, L., Viazzi, S., Fels, M., Vranken, E., Hartung, J., Berckmans, D. and Guarino, M.

Effect of excess lysine and methionine on immune system and performance of broilers
Bouyeh, M. and Haddadi, A.

Advantages of control posts: comparison between unloaded and not unloaded sheep during resting time
Stefano Messori et al.


Poster Session 

New single nucleotide polymorphisms in dbh and th genes related to behavior in beef cattle breeds
Pelayo, R., Azor, P.J., Membrillo, A., Molina, A. and Valera, M.

Drinking behaviour of suckler cows during transition period
Mačuhová, J., Jais, C., Oppermann, P. and Wendl, G.

Cognitive bias as an indicator of welfare in laying hens: designing apparatus and tests
Pichová, K., Horváthová, M. and Košťál, Ľ.

Radiotelemetric and behavioural monitoring of laying hens welfare in enriched cages
Bilčík, B., Cviková, M. and Košťál, Ľ.

New methods for long-term measuring of animal welfare: preliminary results of implantable ECG logger
Frondelius, L., Saarijärvi, K., Vuorela, T., Hietaoja, J., Mononen, J. and Pastell, M.

Effects of sire lineage on maintenance and abnormal behavior
Strmenova, A., Juhas, P. and Broucek, J.

In ovo injection of synbiotics influences immune system development in chickens
Sławińska, A., Siwek, M., Bardowski, J., Żylińska, J., Brzezińska, J., Gulewicz, K.A., Nowak, M., Urbanowski, M. and Bednarczyk, M.

Welfare assessment in dairy herds and relationship with health and milk production
Soriani, N., Bertoni, G. and Calamari, L.

Aggresion in piglets – ways of solution by environment modification
Juhás, P., Debrecéni, O. and Vavrišinová, K.

The relationship between backtest and agonistic behaviour in pigs
Scheffler, K. and Krieter, J.