Session 50. Analysis of complex traits based on genome sequences and high density genotyping

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Date: 30 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Lund

Theatre Session 

Measuring relatedness and studying recent mutations
Kong, A.

Patterns of genomic diversity among three Danish dairy cattle breeds
Guldbrandtsen, B., Lund, M.S. and Sahana, G.

Detection of QTL affecting milk fatty acid composition in three French dairy cattle breeds
Govignon-Gion, A., Fritz, S., Larroque, H., Brochard, M., Chantry, C., Lahalle, F. and Boichard, D.

Genome-wide association analysis of tuberculosis resistance in dairy cattle
Bermingham, M.L., Bishop, S.C., Woolliams, J.A., Allen, A.R., Mc Bride, S.H., Wright, D.M., Ryder, J.J., Skuce, R.A., Mc Dowell, S.W.J. and Glass, E.J.

Bayesian stochastic search variable selection using phenotypes collected across research herds in EU
Veerkamp, R.F., Wall, E., Berry, D.P., De Haas, Y., Coffey, M.P., Strandberg, E., Bovenhuis, H. and Calus, M.P.L.

Assessment of the genomic variation in a cattle population by low-coverage re-sequencing
Fries, R., Pausch, H., Jansen, S., Aigner, B. and Wysocki, M.

Refining QTL with high-density SNP genotyping and whole genome sequence in three cattle breeds
Sahana, G., Guldbrandtsen, B. and Lund, M.S.

Fine mapping of a QTL region for androstenone levels on pig chromosome 6
Hidalgo, A.M., Bastiaansen, J.W.M., Harlizius, B., Megens, H.J. and Groenen, M.A.M.

Genetic architecture of environmental variance of somatic cell score using high density SNP data
Mulder, H.A., Crump, R., Calus, M.P.L. and Veerkamp, R.F.

Finding gene to genome epistatic effects
Filangi, O., Bacciu, N., Demeure, O., Legarra, A., Elsen, J.M. and Le Roy, P.

Validation of gene networks constructed based on the 50K SNP chip using simulations
Szyda, J., Suchocki, T. and Fraszczak, M.


Poster Session

A multi breed reference improves genotype imputation accuracy in Nordic Red cattle
Brøndum, R.F., Ma, P., Lund, M.S. and Su, G.

Phenotype networks for lipid metabolism in pigs inferred from liver expression and SNP data
Aznárez, N., Hernández, J., Cánovas, A., Pena, R.N., Manunza, A., Mercadé, A., Amills, M. and Quintanilla, R.

A web-interface for the detection of selection signatures: development and testing
Biscarini, F., Del Corvo, M., Albera, A., Boettcher, P.J. and Stella, A.

Aleutian mink disease virus infection may induce host gene shutoff
Farid, A.H., Moore, S.S. and Basu, U.

Application of different statisical techniques for the selection of significant SNPs on the 50K chip
Fraszczak, M. and Szyda, J.

Genome-wide association study of fertility and performance parameters in piglet production
Bardehle, D., Preissler, R., Lehmann, J., Looft, H. and Kemper, N.