Session 50. Evaluation of intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of cattle, dairy and meat products

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Date: 29 August 2013; 08:30 – 11:00 hours
Chairperson: Duhem

Theatre Session 50

08.30 Biomarkers of beef tenderness, moving towards analytical tools
Invited B. Picard, D. Micol, I. Cassar-Malek, C. Denoyelle, G. Renand, J.F. Hocquette, C. Capel and L. Journaux

09.00 Need to conciliate beef quality, farm efficiency, environment preservation and animal welfare
R. Botreau, M. Doreau, V. Monteils, D. Durand, M. Eugène, M. L’herm, M. Benoit, S. Prache, J.F. Hocquette and C. Terlouw

09.15 Mid-infrared prediction of cheese yield from milk and its genetic variability in first-parity cows
F.G. Colinet, T. Troch, S. Vanden Bossche, H. Soyeurt, O. Abbas, V. Baeten, F. Dehareng, E. Froidmont, G. Sinnaeve, P. Dardenne, M. Sindic and N. Gengler

09.30 Predicting cheese yield and nutrient recoveries of individual milk using FTIR spectra
A. Ferragina, A. Cecchinato, C. Cipolat-Gotet and G. Bittante

09.45 Selection of assessors for boar taint evaluation: effects of varying androstenone sensitivity
L. Meier-Dinkel, A.R. Sharifi, L. Frieden, E. Tholen, M. Wicke and D. Mörlein

10.00 Coagulation properties and composition of milk of crossbred cows compared with Holstein cows
F. Malchiodi, C. Cipolat-Gotet, M. Penasa, A. Cecchinato and G. Bittante

10.45 Effect of diets on bovine muscle composition and sensory quality characteristics
M. Gagaoua, D. Micol, J.-F. Hocquette, A.P. Moloney, K. Nuernberg, D. Bauchart, N.D. Scollan, R.I. Richardson, A. Boudjellal and B. Picard


Poster Session 50

Variations in milk production and composition in response to a lengthened milking interval
J. Guinard-Flament, H. Larroque and S. Pochet

Relationships between muscle characteristics and quality parameters of Arabian camel meat
A.N. Al-Owaimer, G.M. Suliman, A.S. Sami, B. Picard and J.F. Hocquette

Use of visible-near infrared spectroscopy to determine cheese properties
T. Troch, S. Vanden Bossche, C. De Bisschop, V. Baeten, F. Dehareng, P. Dardenne, F.G. Colinet, N. Gengler and M. Sindic

Linseed in the maternal diet modifies fatty acid composition of brain and muscle tissues in lambs
A. Nudda, G. Battacone, R. Boe, M. Lovicu, N. Castanares, S.P.G. Rassu and G. Pulina