Session 50. Importance and stakes of the horse industry at the European level

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: A.S. Santos

Theatre Session 50

State of equine data available today at European level
C. Cordilhac

Importance of having updated equine data and how research can help data collection
C. Vial and R. Evans

Equine data collected by the European Horse Network
F. Grass

Use of two French equine databases for a better knowledge of mortality and other demographic issues
J. Tapprest, E. Morignat, X. Dornier, M. Borey, P. Hendrikx, B. Ferry, D. Calavas and C. Sala

The agricultural census: a database to analyse the horse industry actors: example of France
E. Perret, E. Scozzari and G. Bigot

Outcomes of a web-survey to collect stakeholders’ opinion on welfare requirements for horses
F. Dai, M. Tranquillo, E. Dalla Costa, S. Barbieri, E. Canali and M. Minero

Is horse meat tender enough to grill?
B. Luštrek, S. Žgur, A. Kaić and K. Potočnik

Horse industry in Lithuania
R. Šveistienė and A. Račkauskaitė

Poster Session 50

Study on endurance riding activities in Romania
L.T. Cziszter, F.L. Bochis, S.E. Erina and I.M. Balan

Characterisation of reproductive parameters in different horse breeds
J. Poyato-Bonilla, M.D. Gómez, M.J. Sánchez-Guerrero, E. Bartolomé, I. Cervantes, S. Demyda-Peyrás and M. Valera
Genetic parameters and breeding values for linear type traits in the Czech sport horse population
A. Novotná, A. Svitáková, Z. Veselá and L. Vostrý

The influence of milking on the behaviour of Sokolski mare and foals
G.M. Polak