Session 50. Nutrition and environment

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Tannins and essential oil mixtures reduce rumen methane and ammonia formation in vitro (RUSITEC)
Foggi, S.L. Amelchanka, M. Terranova, S. Ineichen, G. Conte, M. Kreuzer and M. Mele

Production performance of growing lambs fed with Backswimmer (Noctonecta spp.)
L.E. Robles-Jimenez, O.A. Castelan Ortega, M.F. Vazquez Carrillo, E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez and M. Gonzalez-Ronquillo

Milk yield, milk composition and N balance from dairy ewes supplemented with backswimmer
L.E. Robles-Jimenez, E. Cardoso Gutierrez, E. Aranda Aguirre, O.A. Castelan Ortega, E. Vargas-Bello- Pérez and M. Gonzalez-Ronquillo

Assessment of nutritional strategies to mitigate enteric methane emissions and nitrogen excretion
M.A. Eugène, M. Benaouda, A. Bannink and T.E.A.M. Ceders Project Partners

Feeding by-products from the olive industry modifies pig slurry characteristics and ammonia emission
Piquer,S. Calvet, P. García-Rebollar, C. Cano, D. Belloumi and A. Cerisuelo

Biorefineries and livestock: an uncommon match made in heaven

Novel probiotics as oral supplements for sustainable dairy cow performance
A.S. Chaudhry

Effects of guanidinoacetic acid on rumen microbial fermentation in continuous culture system
Temmar,M.E. Rodríguez-Prado, A. Kihal, V.K. Inhuber and S. Calsamiglia

Silages of agro-industrial by-products in lamb diets – effect on carcass and meat quality
Paulos,C. Costa, J. Costa, L. Cachucho, P.V. Portugal, J. Santos-Silva, J.M. Almeida, E. Jerónimo and

M.T.P. Dentinho

Estimation of carbon footprint and sources of emissions of an extensive alpaca production system
GómezOquendo, K. Salazar-Cubillas and C.A. Gomez

Influence of feeding technique of silage on behaviour in growing pigs
Friman,E. Verbeek and M. Åkerfeldt

Bovine total tract apparent digestibility of protein fractions and nutrients as affected by diet
Simoni,T. Danese, G. Esposito, I. Vakondios, L. Karatosidi, A. Plomaritou, M. De Marchi and F. Righi

Could Arthrospira platensis supplementation promote health status of post-weaning calves?
Marzano, R. Cresci, R. Abis, C. Leddaand A.S. Atzori

Porcine intestinal mucosa hydrolysate Palbio 50RD® improves weaner pig production and profitability
Middelkoop,S. Segarra and F. Molist

undulatum,H. gardnerianum and C. japonica essential oils effects on the reduction of ruminal biogas

H.P.B. Nunes and A.E.S. Borba

Nutritional valorisation of Musa spp. with urea treatment as a fibre source for ruminants
S.M.P. Teixeira, C.F.M. Vouzela, J.S. Madruga and A.E.S. Borba

Meta-analysis of the relationship between dietary condensed tannin and methane emission by cattle
A.S. Berca, R.A. Reis and L.O. Tedeschi

Effects of Thymus capitatus essential oil and its compounds on in vitro ruminal fermentation
M.J. Ranilla, S. López, I. Mateos, C. Saro, A. Martín, F.J. Giráldez and S. Andrés

Impacts evaluation of dietary crude protein reduction for finishing pigs using life cycle assessment
P.C. Oliveira, A.N.T.R. Monteiro, L.A.C. Esteves, J.S. Martins, A.C. Figueiredo, S.M. Einsfeld, F.A. Cancian and P.C. Pozza

Are all the rumen ciliate protozoa equally related with the enteric methane emissions of ruminants?
A.E. Francisco, J. Santos-Silva, A.V. Portugal, K. Paulos, M.T. Dentinho and R.J.B. Bessa

Zinc-methionine alters the oxidative and inflammatory status of dairy cows under heat stress
DaneshMesgaran, H. Kargar, R. Janssen, S. Danesh Mesgaran and A. Ghesmati

Evaluation of the presence of mycotoxins in corn silage from dairy cow farms
J.L. Cerqueira, C.P.C. Nogueira, A. Gomes and J.P. Araújo

Effects of calf early weaning on the productive and reproductive performance of Nellore heifers
R.S. Goulart, M.S.P. Carlis, T.K. Nishimura, G. Abitante, A.G. Silva, M.H.A. Santana, A.S. Netto, S.L. Silva, G. Pugliesi and P.R. Leme

Partial replacement of soybean meal with processed soybean meal in Karagouniko dairy sheep
Foskolos,T. Michou, A. Plomaritou, S. Athanasiadis, K. Gatsas, K. Droumtsekas and S. Changli

Effects of diet density in protein and energy on feed intake, yields, digestibility, and efficiency
Moallem,L. Lifshitz, H. Kamer and Y. Portnick

Barn dried hay quality by feeding on dairy farms
Mačuhová,D. Schmid and S. Thurner

Chemical composition of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) – forage for small ruminants
F.I. Pitacas, M. Cristóvão, C. Reis, C. Martins, M. Resende, C. Espírito Santo and A.M. Rodrigues

Nutritional strategies using probiotics to improve immune response and health of beef cattle
W.Z. Yang

Effect of breed type on ewe colostrum production and lamb birth weight during late gestation
J.T. Higgins, G. Egan, F. Godwin, S. Lott, M.B. Lynch, M. McEvoy, F.M. McGovern and T.M. Boland

Comparative study on using dietary bilberry leaves in broiler reared under thermoneutral conditions
Saracila,T.D. Panaite, I. Varzaru and A.E. Untea

Cellular agriculture for cultivated meat production
Giromini,R. Rebucci, D. Lanzoni, F. Bracco, B.M. Colosimo, D. Moscatelli, A. Baldi and F. Cheli