Session 51. Animal nutrition contributing to reduced environmental impact

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Date: 31 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: S. Decampeneere


Theatre Session 51

Environmental impact of feed optimization: alternative protein sources in pig diets
H.H.E. Van Zanten, P. Bikker, B. Meerburg and I.J.M. De Boer

A diet formulation tool designed to reduce the environmental impact of pig production systems
S.G. Mackenzie, I. Leinonen, N. Ferguson and I. Kyriazakis

Economic and environmental optimization of feed sequence plans in pig fattening unit
F. Garcia-Launay, L. Brossard, T. Plantevin and J.Y. Dourmad

The effect of nutrition on environmental impacts of pig production depends on production context
A.N.T.R. Monteiro, F. Garcia-Launay, L. Brossard, A. Wilfart and J.Y. Dourmad

Greenhouse gas emissions from alternative calf to beef production systems
P. Crosson, B. Murphy and R. Prendiville

Effect of tannins from Birdsfoot trefoil and dietary protein level on nitrogen turnover of lambs
E. Seoni, G. Battacone, M. Corpataux, Y. Arrigo, F. Dohme-Meier and G. Bee

Effects of breed and concentrate supplementation on nitrogen utilisation in ewes fed fresh grass
Y.G. Zhao, A. Aubry, N.E. O’Connell and T. Yan

Treatment with lactic acid of concentrates alleviates the lack of inorganic P in dairy cow diets
Q. Zebeli, A. Khol-Parisini, E. Humer, H. Harder and E. Mickdam

Effect of pure extracts on in vitro CH4 production using rumen fluid of cows fed the same extracts
G. Rossi, L. Maccarana, V.A. Vieira, M. Cattani, F. Tagliapietra, S. Schiavon and L. Bailoni

Methane mitigation in dairy cattle with 3-NOP in an on-farm trial
D. Van Wesemael, N. Peiren, L. Vandaele, V. Fievez, S. Duval and S. De Campeneere

Effect of linseed plus nitrate on methane emission in bulls, animal health and residues in offal
M. Doreau, M. Arbre, Y. Rochette, C. Lascoux and C. Martin

Effects of dietary nitrate and increased lipid on methane emissions from beef cattle are independent
S. Troy, J.A. Rooke, R.J. Wallace, C.-A. Duthie, J.J. Hyslop, D.W. Ross, T. Waterhouse and R. Roehe

How does nutrient intake affect methane emission from slurry in pigs?
W. Antezana, S. Calvet, P. Ferrer, P. García-Rebollar, C. De Blas and A. Cerisuelo

Isotopic natural abundance as biomarkers of between-animal variation in feed efficiency in ruminants
S.J. Meale, I. Ortigues-Marty, C. Chantelauze, A.M. Schiphorst, R. Robins and G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar


Posters Session

Ensiling forage soybean with or without bacterial inoculants on nitrogen and energy retention
B.D. Nkosi and A. Van Niekerk

Nitrogen-use-efficiency of beef cows fed total mixed ration, grass silage or grazed on pasture
H. Scholz and G. Heckenberger

Methanogenesis of a native pasture combined whith trhree protein supplements
M. De J. Marichal, L. Piaggio, R. Comesaña and E. Gomez

Effect of soybean meal substitution with alternative protein sources on beef cattle carbon footprint
L. Boselli, G. Pirlo and L. Migliorati

The effect of lowering dietary lysine content on broiler performance
M.E.E. Ball

Alternative sampling types for assessing the composition of the rumen microbial community in cattle
I. Tapio, K.J. Shingfield, N. McKain, A. Bonin, D. Fischer, A.R. Bayat, J. Vilkki, P. Taberlet, T.J. Snelling and R.J. Wallace

Enteric methane emissions of cows in two contrasted low input dairy grassland-based systems
M. Eugène, A. Danglard, F. Fournier, Y. Rochette, D. Pomiès and A. Farruggia

DREEM: model on enteric methane emissions in sheep farms
M. Eugène, L. Mansard, A. Vigan, M. Meuret, J. Lasseur, M. Benoit and P. Lecomte

Supplementation of Turi or Moringa fodder in crossbred goats diets on methane production
P. Paengkoum and S. Paengkoum

Effect of plant oil or nitrate supplementation on methane production and rumen fermentation of goats
P. Paengkoum, J. Khotsakdee and S. Paengkoum

Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from two different Emilia-Romagna (Italy) dairy systems
A. Dal Prà, L. Valli, M.T. Pacchioli, R. Chiarini and M. Montanari

Effect of a lipid-garlic treatment on archaeal community establishment and rumen function in lambs
C. Saro, M. Bernard, D. Graviou, Y. Rochette, C. Martin, M. Doreau, H. Boudra, M. Popova and D.P. Morgavi

How does nutrient intake affect ammonia emission from slurry in pigs?
W. Antezana, S. Calvet, P. Ferrer, P. García-Rebollar, C. De Blas and A. Cerisuelo

In vitro rumen fermentation and methane output of autumn grass fertilised at two rates of nitrogen
A. O’Connor, A.P. Moloney, P. O’Kiely, P. Nolan, T. Boland and M. McGee

The effect of breed on nitrogen utilisation efficiency of first lactation dairy cows
T. Gilfedder and T. Yan

Effects of breed and concentrate supplementation on methane emissions from ewes fed fresh grass
Y.G. Zhao, A. Aubry, N.E. O’Connell and T. Yan

The effect of by-product based concentrates on feed intake and milk production in dairy cows
J. Karlsson, R. Spörndly, M. Patel and K. Holtenius

Effects of dietary nitrate on rumen microbial species in beef cattle fed different basal diets
J.A. Rooke, R.J. Wallace, N. McKain, C.-A. Duthie, S. Troy, J.J. Hyslop, D.W. Ross, T. Waterhouse and R. Roehe