Session 51. Sheep & Goat breeding and free communications

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Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: O. Tzamaloukas

Theatre Session 51

Comparison of two methods based on meta-analyses for updating post-weaning lamb growth requirements
V. Berthelot, B. Fança and D. Sauvant

Distribution of sheep litter size: a worldwide survey
L. Bodin, J. Raoul, K.L. Bunter, A.A. Swan, S. Janssens, L. Brito, E.I. Bjarnason, O. Keane, S. Salaris, S. McIntyre, J.F. Jakobsen, J.L. Alabart, J. Folch, B. Lahoz, E. Fantova, L.F. de la Fuente, A. Molina, M.D. Perez Guzman, L. Mintegi, S. Maatoug, J. Conington, G. Ciappesoni, D. Gimeno and R.M. Lewis

Seasonally anestrous ewe ovarian response to CIDR and eCG with estradiol-17β or estradiol cypionate
L.R.Y. Trucolo, R. Khomayezi, B. Makanjuola, M. Payne, K. McQueen, B.M. Thibault, M.S. Mammoliti and D.M.W. Barrett

Phenotypes and genetic parameters for Swedish sheep breeds in conventional and organic production
L. Rydhmer, E. Jonas, E. Carlén and K. Jäderkvist Fegraeus

Major genes effect estimation and characterisation of a local Romanian sheep breed
M.A. Gras, M.C. Rotar, C. Lazar, R.S. Pelmus, E. Ghita and H. Grosu

Population structure of five Swedish sheep breeds
C.M. Rochus, E. Jonas and A.M. Johansson

Effects of birth and rearing type on lamb performance to slaughter on a rotational grazing system
T.W.J. Keady, N. McNamara and J.P. Hanrahan

Genetic parameters estimation for reproductive traits of goat breeds in Croatia
M. Špehar, D. Mulc, D. Jurković, T. Sinković, A. Kasap and Z. Barać

Reducing the oxygen content in modified atmosphere packages to meet consumer demands
M.T. Corlett, L. Pannier, K.R. Kelman, R.H. Jacob, D.W. Pethick and G.E. Gardner

Which factors influence lifetime effectivity and length of productive life of dairy goats?
M.-R. Wolber, H. Hamann and P. Herold

Transcriptome variation in response to gastrointestinal nematode infection in goats
H.M. Aboshady, M. Bederina, N. Mandonnet, R. Arquet, A. Johansson, E. Jonas and J.C. Bambou

Genome-wide structure and dynamics of Nubian goats from Northeast Africa
N. Khayatzadeh, G.T. Mekuriaw, A.R. Elbeltagy, A. Aboul-Naga, A. Haile, B. Rischkowsky and J.M. Mwacharo

Genome-wide association study for production traits in Zandi sheep
H. Mohammadi, S.A. Rafat, H. Moradi Shahrebabak, J. Shoja and M.H. Moradi

Poster Session 51

The effect of neutral detergent fibre source on lambs growth performance and meat nutritional value
J. Santos-Silva, A. Francisco, T. Dentinho, J. Almeida, A. Portugal, S. Alves, E. Jerónimo and R. Bessa

Effects of parity and litter size on milk yield of commercial dairy goats in Australia
F. Zamuner, K. Digiacomo, A.W.N. Cameron and B.J. Leury

Impacts of early life nutrition on fat tissue morphology and gene expression in adult sheep
S. Ahmad, L.K. Lyngman, R. Dhakal, M. Mansouryar, M. Moradi, J.S. Agerholm, P. Khanal and M.O. Nielsen

Effect of early shearing on the productive performance of offspring in their first 18 months of age
C. López Mazz, F. Baldi, G. Quintans, M. Regueiro and G. Banchero

Effect of condensed molasses solubles on performance, digestibility and rumen parameters in sheep
K. O’Reilly, W.A. Van Niekerk, R.J. Coertze and L.J. Erasmus

Comparison of lactation models in pasture-based dairy ewes in Bosnia and Herzegovina
V. Batinic, D. Salamon, S. Ivankovic, N. Antunac and A. Dzidic

Population genetic indices in Hungarian Cikta sheep
E. Kovács, K. Tempfli, A. Shannon, P. Zenke, Á. Maróti-Agóts, L. Sáfár, Á. Bali Papp and A. Gáspárdy

Effect of soybean meal treated with Cistus ladanifer tannins on lambs growth and meat quality
T. Dentinho, K. Paulos, A. Francisco, E. Jeronimo, J. Almeida, R. Bessa and J. Santos-Silva

The role of BCS evolution across milking period on milk production traits in low-input dairy goats
N. Siachos, G.E. Valergakis, R. Giannakou, C. Squires, A.I. Gelasakis and G. Arsenos

Effect of feeding dried distillers grain with solubles on performance of growing Awassi lambs
S.M.D. Hatamleh and B.S. Obeidat

Effect of an alternative rearing method on milk production and lamb weight gain
S.A. Termatzidou, N. Siachos, P. Kazana, I. Rose and G. Arsenos

Regulation of anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) by oocyte specific growth factors in ovine granulosa cell
V. Richani, D. Kalogiannis and S. Chadio

Prepartum grazing with oat pasture and its effect on mother-lamb behaviour at parturition
M. Regueiro, F. Baldi, C. López Mazz and G. Banchero

Infra-red thermography as a monitoring tool for detection of sub clinical mastitis in dairy ewes
M. Odintsov-Vaintrub, R. Di Benedetto, M. Chincarini, G. Giacinti, M. Giammarco, I. Fusaro, A. Merla and G. Vignola

Analysis of voluntary intake of Virginia fanpetals (Sida hermaphrodita Rusby L.) silage
M. Fijalkowska, Z. Nogalski, Z. Antoszkiewicz and C. Purwin

Effect of different dietary protein sources on growth performance of Egyptian growing lambs
H. Metwally and S. El-Mashed