Session 51A. Education in animal science for the future

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Date: 29 August 2013; 14:00 – 15:30 hours
Chairperson: Disenhaus

Theatre Session 51a

14.00 Training the future generations of animal breeders: example of EGS-ABG, a European joint PhD program
E. Verrier, E. Norberg, A. Lundén and H. Komen

14.15 Essential skills for young professionals holding a master degree of animal science
L. Montagne and C. Disenhaus

14.30 The analysis of animal food chains, a tool for engineers education: procedure, interest, conditions
J. Lossouarn

14.45 MAN-IMAL: a new and innovative ‘One Health’ Master’s degree
S. Couvreur, S. Malherbe, M. Krempf, M. Eveillard and C. Magras

15.00 A 3D-serious game for teaching the environmental sustainability of pig farming systems
J.Y. Dourmad, K. Adji, A.L. Boulestreau-Boulay, L. Emeraud and S. Espagnol


Poster Session 51a

Project of animal biology, the opportunity to sensitize master’s students to research approaches
V. Lollivier, M. Boutinaud, F. Dessauge and F. Lecerf

Survey on expected farmers’ skills for the future in the western part of France
A. Bedin, N. Cardoso-Leal, C. Disenhaus, A. Fischer, H. Fuchey, L. Grolleau, M. Perrot, J. Mayot, S. Pattier and Y. Le Cozler