Session 51B. Well-functioning dogs

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Date: 29 August 2013; 16:15 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Strandberg

Theatre Session 51b

16.15 Current and future studies of the dog-human relationship and possible welfare implications
Invited T. Rehn

16.45 Breed differences in everyday behavior of Swedish dogs
H. Eken Asp, K. Grandinson, F. Fikse and E. Strandberg

17.00 Is the strange situation procedure a reliable method to study dog attachment?
T. Rehn, R.T.S. McGowan and L.J. Keeling

17.15 Inbreeding management in Dutch Golden Retrievers
J.J. Windig, S.J.F. Van De Kraats and K. Oldenbroek

17.30 Genetic diversity in 23 dog breeds in Belgium as revealed by pedigree analysis & molecular markers
K. Wijnrocx, S. Janssens and N. Buys

17.45 Inbreeding effect on litter size and longevity in dogs
G. Leroy, B. Hedan, X. Rognon, F. Phocas, E. Verrier and T. Mary-Huard