Session 52. Development and external validation of PLF tools for animal behaviour, health and welfare: dairy, in collaboration with ICAR

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Challenges of integration and validation of farm and sensor data for dairy herd management
Schodl,B. Fuerst-Waltl, H. Schwarzenbacher, F. Steininger, M. Suntinger, F. Papst, O. Saukh, L. Lemmens, D4dairy-Consortium and C. Egger-Danner

The promises of 3D imaging for phenotyping the morphology and innovative traits in ruminant sectors
Lebreton,A. Fischer, L. Depuille, L. Delattre, M. Bruyas, C. Lecomte, J.-M. Gautier, O. Leudet and C. Allain

An automated pipeline for real-time data integration, health monitoring and validation in dairy cows
M.J. Gote, B. Aernouts and I. Adriaens

Effect of management on milk losses caused by mastitis on modern dairy farms
D’Anvers,M. Gote, Y. Song, K. Geerinckx, I. Van Den Brulle, B. De Ketelaere, B. Aernouts and I. Adriaens

Improving the value of PLF tools for animal health and welfare metrics
Foy,J. Reynolds and T. Smith

Analysis of the longitudinal activity data to forecast perturbations in dairy cows’ milk yield
Taghipoor,S. Bord, L. Sansonnet, Q. Bulcke and J. Kwon

Biometrical identification and real-time face recognition of dairy-cows
Bergman,Y. Yitzhaky and I. Halachmi

Data visualization of individual-specific drinking behaviours in dairy cattle
Sadrzadeh,T. Munzner, B. Foris, M.A.G. Von Keyserlingk and D.M. Weary

Monitoring individual behaviours and the social hierarchy of dairy cows using electronic drinkers
Nizzi,C. Gérard, B. Foris, C. Hurtaud, J. Lassalas and B. Anne

Manoeuvrability test to assess slipping risk in cows on concrete floors with different patterns
Telezhenko,I. Svensson, M. Magnusson, E. Karlsson and A. Lindqvist

Analysing the behaviour of dairy cows to improve their health and welfare
Chopra, H.R. Hodges, Z.E. Barker,J.A. Vazquez Diosdado, J.R. Amory, T.C. Cameron, D.P. Croft, N.J. Bell and E.A. Codling

Learning behaviour and welfare of dairy cows using a virtual fencing system in rotational grazing
Fuchs,J. Stachowicz, M. Schneider, R. Bruckmaier and C. Umstätter


Infrared thermographic detection in dairy calves in immunological challenge by Anaplasma marginale
M.S.V. Salles, G. Cunha, F.R. Narciso, F.J.F. Figueiroa, J.E. Freitas, L.E.F. Zadra and J.A.G. Silveira

Cortisol determination in dairy cows hairs by near, mid infrared and Raman spectroscopy
Christophe,C. Grelet, V. Baeten, J. Wavreile, J. Leblois and F. Dehareng

Dairy cow’s heart rate and heart rate variability during visits of a cow toilet for urine collection
Wijn,A. Pelzer and U. König Von Borstel