Session 52. Equine tourism and applying science to maximise rider and horse welfare

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Date: 31 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: M. Fradinho


Theatre Session 52

Innovation in equestrian tourism
invited N. Vaugeois

Native Breeds as socio-natural constructs and cultural heritage artefacts
R. Evans

Automated quality feedback for dressage riders using inertial sensors
R.J. Thompson, S.M. Matheson, T. Ploetz, S.A. Edwards and I. Kyriazakis

Eye and rectal temperature, cortisol concentration, heart rate in assessment of stress in racehorses
M. Soroko, K. Howell, A. Zwyrzykowska, K. Dudek, P. Zielińska and Z. Dobrzański

Could a leisure horse grading system improve horse-rider matching and equine welfare within the UK?
R. Lawson and C. Brigden

The horse’s voice: How trainers and riders make the horse’s needs relevant in dressage training
C. Lundgren

E-carriage: An opportunity for animal-friendly equine tourism
S. Wägeli, G. Schmidt, A. Scheurer and A. Hochuli

Wellness and equestrian tourism–innovation and product development
I. Sigurðardóttir

Cluster development and innovation in equestrian tourism in North West of Iceland
I. Sigurðardóttir and R. Steinþórsson

Equestrian tourism and innovations: from the adventurer to the connected rider (France)
S. Pickel-Chevalier

Comparison of snaffle bits made either in steel or titanium in show jumping horses
N. Guzzo, C. Sartori, C. Stelletta, L. Bailoni and R. Mantovani

Posters Session

Analysis of the testing horses for therapeutic purposes in the Czech Republic
B. Hofmanová, D. Houdová, I. Majzlík, H. Vostrá-Vydrová and L. Vostrý

Thoroughbred horse cortisol levels during training session and impact on racing achievements
A. Zwyrzykowska, K. Śpitalniak and R. Kupczyński

The effect of Human interactions with horses on physical and emotional wellbeing
A. Šepetkaitė, R. Cicėnaitė, K. Berškienė, A. Vainoras, R. Šveistienė and M. Landauskas