Session 52. Feed efficiency and feed resources

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Date: 28 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Savoini

Theatre Session 52

14.00 Estimation of nutritive value of seaweed species and extracted seaweed in animal diets
P. Bikker, M.M. Van Krimpen, W.A. Brandenburg, A.M. López-Contreras, P. Van Wikselaar, R.A. Dekker and G. Van Duinkerken

14.15 Comparison of fractionation methods for nitrogen and starch in maize and grass silages
M. Ali, L.H. De Jonge, J.W. Cone, G. Van Duinkerken and W.H. Hendriks

14.30 In vitro incubation of dairy cow diets – 1. Degradability, total gas and methane yield
L. Maccarana, M. Cattani, F. Tagliapietra, S. Schiavon, H.H. Hansen and L. Bailoni

14.45 In vitro incubation of dairy cow diets – 2. Relations between measures and estimates of methane yield
M. Cattani, L. Maccarana, F. Tagliapietra, S. Schiavon, H.H. Hansen and L. Bailoni

15.00 Evaluation of five models predicting feed intake by dairy cows fed total mixed rations
L.M. Jensen, P. Nørgaard, N.I. Nielsen, B. Markussen and E. Nadeau

15.15 Prediction of manure nitrogen output from dry cows fed freshly cut grass
S. Stergiadis and T. Yan

15.30 Relationship between intake of metabolizable energy and chewing index of diets fed to pregnant ewes
M.V. Nielsen, E. Nadeau, B. Markussen, P. Nørgaard, C. Helander, Å.T. Randby and M. Eknæs


16.15 Fibrous agroindustrial by-products in pig diets: effects on nutrient balance and gas emission
A. Cerisuelo, P. Ferrer, A. Beccaccia, S. Calvet, M. Cambra-López, F. Estellés, W. Antezana, P. García-Rebollar and C. De Blas

16.30 Amino acid digestibility and energy concentration in soybean and rapeseed products fed to pigs
D.M.D.L. Navarro, Y. Liu, T.S. Bruun and H.H. Stein

16.45 Is it possible to overcome the post weaning growth check
E. Magowan

17.00 Effect of dietary crude fibre level on productivity of indigenous Venda chickens aged one to 91 days
M.M. Ginindza, J.W. Ng’Ambi and D. Norris

17.15 Digestive efficiency of the growing rabbit according to restriction strategy and dietary energy conc
T. Gidenne, L. Fortun-Lamothe and S. Combes


Poster Session 52

A mobile device based ration preparation software
M. Boga, K.K. Çevik, H.R. Kutlu and H. Önder

The effect of polyethylene glycol on gas production and microbial protein synthesis
F.N. Fon, M.J. Foley and I.V. Nsahlai

Digestibility evaluation of micronized full fat soybean in weaned piglets
J.C. Dadalt, G.V. Polycarpo, C. Gallardo, D. Malagoni, F.E.L. Budiño and M.A. Trindade Neto

Digestibility evaluation of rice grain polished and broken in weaned piglets
J.C. Dadalt, D. Malagoni, G.V. Polycarpo, C. Gallardo, F.E.L. Budiño and M.A. Trindade Neto

In situ degradability and rumen parameters of cows fed two sugarcane varieties and soybean hulls
F.F. Simili, M.L.P. Lima, M.I.M. Medeiros, G. Balieiro Neto, E.G. Ribeiro and C.C.P. Paz

Comparative digestibility of nutrients from bio-ethanol byproducts by sheep and pigs
J.L. De Boever, S. Millet and S. De Campeneere

Evaluation of raw and processed soybean on blood parameters in Japanese quails (Coturnix japonica)
N. Vali and R. Jafari Dehkordi

Rapeseed meal as an alternative to soybean meal proteinaceous feed for growing-finishing pigs
I. Giannenas, E. Bonos, E. Christaki, P. Florou-Paneri, I. Skoufos, A. Tsinas, A. Tzora and J. Peng

Effects of rice shape difference on productive performance in broiler chickens
K. Tatsuda and S. Ishikawa

Effect of differences in feed intake of Polish Landrace pigs on some fattening parameters
M. Tyra, R. Eckert, G. Zak and A. Bereta

Fermentation and ruminal microbiota under the influence of different strains of Bacillus thuringiens
F.C. Campos, P.S. Corrêa, C. Nazato, R. Monnerat, C.M. McManus, A.L. Abdalla and H. Louvandini

The effect of different silage additives on mycotoxin concentrations in high moisture corn silages
D. Bíro, B. Gálik, M. Jurácek, M. Šimko, M. Rolinec and M. Majlát

The effect of dietary plant extract on nutrients digestibility of warmblood sport horses
B. Gálik, D. Bíro, M. Rolinec, M. Šimko, M. Jurácek, M. Halo, E. Mlyneková, Z. Schubertová and R. Herkel

A Markov model for optimal feeding and marketing decisions in production units of growing pigs
R. Pourmoayed, L.R. Nielsen and A.R. Kristensen

Evaluation of chemical, microbiological and sensory properties of the papaya pulp whey beverages
A.G. Mohamed, A.F. Zayan and N.S. Abdrabw

Physiochemical and sensory evaluation of yoghurt fortified with dietary fiber and phenolic compounds
A.G. Mohamed, A.F. Zayan and H. Abbas

The effect of dietary Taraxum officinale on boars reproductive performance
M. Rolinec, D. Bíro, B. Gálik, M. Šimko, M. Jurácek, Z. Schubertová, L. Guláciová and O. Hanušovský

Prediction of dry matter intake by beef steers fed grass silage only diets
D. Hynes, S. Stergiadis and T. Yan