Session 52. Feed efficiency in ruminants

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Date: 29 August 2013; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Faverdin

Theatre Session 52

14.00 Genetics of feed efficiency in dairy cattle
Invited Y. De Haas, J.E. Pryce and R.F. Veerkamp

14.45 Genetic parameters for energy efficiency traits in Nordic Red dairy cattle
A.-E. Liinamo, P. Mäntysaari, M. Lidauer and E.A. Mäntysaari

15.00 Association of SNPs of NPY, LEP and IGF-1 genes with residual feed intake in grazing Angus cattle
A.I. Trujillo, A. Casal, V. Cal and P. Chilibroste

15.15 Investigating potential interactions between methane emission and rumen microbial profiles
J. Lassen, B. St-Pierre, R. Smith, A.D.G. Wright and P. Løvendahl

15.30 Assessment of the selenium status in cattle herds in Wallonia
Y. Mehdi, O. Dotreppe, V. Robaye, L. Istasse, J.-L. Hornick and I. Dufrasne

16.15 Major components of feed efficiency in ruminants
Invited D. Sauvant, P. Faverdin and N. Friggens

17.00 Nitrogen partitioning into faeces, urine and milk of dairy cows according to feeding strategy
E. Cutullic, A. Bannink, J. Carli, L. Crompton, M. Doreau, N. Edouard, P. Faverdin, S. Jurjanz, A. Klop, J. Mills, J. Moorby, P. Noziere, C. Reynolds, A. Van Vuuren and J.L. Peyraud

17.15 Nitrogen supplies and manure handling improve feed efficiency and reduce emissions in dairy cattle
N. Edouard, A. Charpiot, P. Robin, E. Lorinquer, J.-B. Dollé and P. Faverdin

17.30 Effect of maturity and conservation of grass/clover on digestibility and rumen pH in heifers
A.S. Koch, P. Nørgaard and M.R. Weisbjerg

17.45 Influence of prolonged vs. Instant use of Natuzyme® on in vitro fermentation of two ruminant’s diets
M. Danesh Mesgaran, E. Parand, A. Faramarzi Garmroodi and A. Vakili


Poster Session 52

Relationship between chemical composition and rumen degradation characteristics of maize silages
M. Ali, G. Van Duinkerken, J.W. Cone and W.H. Hendriks

Tea leaves improve in vitro degradability but reduce rumen ammonia from rice straw-based diets
D. Ramdani, A.S. Chaudhry and C.J. Seal

Performance of crossbreed young bulls fed corn silage inoculated with microbial inoculants
C.H.S.R. Rabelo, A.L.S.V. Valente, R.B.P. Pavezzi, F.C.B. Basso, E.C.L. Lara and R.A.R. Reis

Growth and carcass quality of crossbred Jersey bull and heifer calves
M. Vestergaard, P. Spleth, L. Kristensen and M. Kargo

Metabolic parameters of three levels of concentrate supplement for beef cattle in pasture
R.P. Barbero, A.A. Oliveira, R.A. Reis, U.B. Carneiro, M.V. Azenha and F.H.M. Souza

Nutritive value and Kinetics of in vitro fermentation with rumen liquor of Paulownia sp leaves
P. Descals, A. Seradj, D. Villalba, G. Villorbina and J. Balcells

Effect of a dietary escape microbial protein on the performance of dairy cows
S.Z. Orosz, S. Andrieu and M. Agovino

Reduction of nitrogen excreted in dairy farms through the application of high N efficiency ration
L. Migliorati and L. Boselli

Ingestive behavior of beef cattle confined in feedlots and fed with different concentrate levels
R.P. Barbero, A.A. Oliveira, R.A. Reis, R.C.G. França, M.V. Azenha and F.H.M. Souza

Effect of abomasal casein infusion on transport of urea-N from blood to gut in cows fed low N diet
B.A. Røjen, N.B. Kristensen, M. Vestergaard and M. Larsen

Total mixed ration prepared by trailer mixer or self-propelled mixer on diet quality and cows’ yield
U. Moallem

Variation between individual cows in rumen degradation characteristics of maize and grass silages
M. Ali, J.W. Cone, G. Van Duinkerken and W.H. Hendriks