Session 53. Animal behaviour and nutritional requirements

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Date: 31 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: L. Boyle


Theatre Session 53

Animal behaviour and animal nutrition science working together to support livestock production
invited S.A. Edwards and H.A.M. Spoolder

Measurement and analysis of drinking behaviour traits in broilers
J. Rusakovica, T. Ploetz, V.D. Kremer, S. Avendano and I. Kyriazakis

Feeding and drinking behavior of dairy cows at heat stress
M.A. Karatzia, A. Kalogianni and E.N. Sossidou

Feeding behaviour, explained by temperament and dominance, impacts feed efficiency in beef cattle
P. Llonch, M. Somarriba, M.J. Haskell and S.P. Turner

Impact of length of straw by the use of a straw mill on the selective feeding of young cattle and th
H. Scholz, B. Fischer and T. Bäthge

Effect of antioxidant supplementation on serum α-tocopherol in horses undergoing moderate exercise
E. Velázquez-Cantón, A.H. Ramírez-Pérez, L.A. Zarco, J.C. Ramírez-Orejel and J.C. Ángeles-Hernández


High rate monitoring CH4 production dynamics and their link with behavioral phases in cattle
Y. Blaise, F. Lebeau, A.L.H. Andriamandroso, Y. Beckers, B. Heinesch and J. Bindelle

Non-invasive indicators of rumen function and stress in dairy cows
L.J. Tennant, G.A. White, R. Anand-Ivell and P.C. Garnsworthy

Accuracy of a commercially available activity monitor to record feeding and rumination time
E. Kennedy, M. Ryan, E. Harty, L. Mullane and D.P. Berry

Ruminating and feeding behaviour in grazing dairy herds
A. Spengler Neff, J.K. Probst, F. Leiber and S. Ivemeyer


Posters Session

Adaptation of dairy cows to grazing after TMR feeding in early lactation on hepatic gene expression
A.L. Astessiano, P. Chilibroste, D.A. Mattiauda, A. Meikle and M. Carriquiry

Overstocking dairy cattle during the dry period affects DHEA and cortisol secretion
M. Fustini, A. Palmonari, G. Galeati, G. Gabai, D. Bucci and A. Formigoni