Session 53. Breeding programs

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 8.30 – 12.30
Chair: E. Sell-Kubiak

Theatre Session 53

Exploring farmer attitudes and preferences to inform the development and implementation of breeding
D. Martin-Collado, C. Diaz, A. Maki-Tanila, M. Wurzinger and T. Byrne

The value of government funded genetic improvement programs and why they make sense
T.J. Byrne, P.R. Amer, C.D. Quinton and F.S. Hely

Breeding objectives for honeybees in a honey production vs a commercial pollination operation
G.E.L. Petersen, P.R. Amer, P.F. Fennessy and P.K. Dearden

Genetic gain for production and maternal traits in a two-stage optimum contribution selection scheme
B. Ask, H.M. Nielsen, M.M. Castillero and M. Henryon

Effects of changes in the breeding goal on genetic improvement for maternal traits in Landrace pigs
E.M. Eriksen, D. Olsen, I. Ranberg and O. Vangen

Development of an ecologic chicken breeding programme in Germany
B. Zumbach, M. Neyrinck and I. Günther

Breeding programs to improve survival time in laying hens
E.D. Ellen and P. Bijma

Conservation of a native dairy cattle breed through crossbreeding with commercial dairy cattle breed
J.B. Clasen, S. Østergaard, E. Strandberg, W.F. Fikse, M. Kargo and L. Rydhmer

Inclusion of candidate mutations in genomic evaluation for French dairy cattle breeds
P. Croiseau, C. Hozé, S. Fritz, M.P. Sanchez and T. Tribout

Poster Session 53

Aceh cattle: between tradition and the need of sophisticated breeding strategy
T.S.M. Widi, N. Widyas and I.G.S. Budisatria