Session 53. Cattle herd management and health

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: B. Fuerst-Waltl/W. Jagusiak

Theatre Session 53

Herd factors affecting longevity in Swedish dairy cattle
E. Strandberg, A. Roth and U. Emanuelson

Genetic analysis of infectious diseases: estimating gene effects for susceptibility and infectivity
M.T. Anche, P. Bijma and M.C.M. De Jong

Production, health and fertility performance of Norwegian Red and Norwegian Red crosses in Ireland
E. Rinell, R. Evans, F. Buckley and B. Heringstad

Factors affecting the serum protein pattern in multi-breed dairy herds
T. Bobbo, G. Stocco, C. Cipolat-Gotet, M. Gianesella, E. Fiore, M. Morgante, G. Bittante and A. Cecchinato

Early postnatal plane of nutrition affects subsequent milk production of Holstein calves
S. Wiedemann, H.-J. Kunz and M. Kaske

Milk production of the mother is associated with the birth weight rather than the sex of the calf
M.H.P.W. Visker, Y. Wang, M.L. Van Pelt and H. Bovenhuis

Differences between cloned and non-cloned cows during first lactation
F. Montazer-Torbati, M. Boutinaud, N. Brun, C. Richard, V. Halle, A. Neveu, F. Jaffrezic, D. Laloe, M. Nguyen, D. Lebourhis, H. Kiefer, H. Jammes, J.P. Renard, S. Chat, A. Boukadiri and E. Devinoy


Productive and reproductive performance of dairy cows under once-a-day milking in a university herd
N. Lopez-Villalobos, F. Lembeye, J.L. Burke, P.J. Back and D.J. Donaghy

Biosecurity in French cattle farms: attitudes and expectations of farmers to improve
B. Mounaix, M. Thirion and V. David

Integrated data management as a tool to prevent diseases
C. Egger-Danner, R. Weissensteiner, K. Fuchs, F. Gstoettinger, M. Hoermann, R. Janacek, M. Koblmueller, M. Mayerhofer, J. Perner, M. Schaginger, G. Schoder, T. Wittek, K. Zottl, W. Obritzhauser and B. Fuerst-Waltl

Effects of culling rates on measures of ecological sustainability in dairy cattle
S. Ebschke and E. Von Borell

Manipulating diet nitrogen content to reduce urine nitrogen excretion in lactating dairy cows
T. Yan

Are reticular temperatures correlated to body temperature in dairy cows?
S. Ammer, C. Lambertz and M. Gauly


Poster Session 53

Measures related to energy balance in Dairy Gyr cows
G.H.V. Barbosa, A.E. Vercesi Filho, L.G. Albuquerque, M.E.Z. Mercadante, A.R. Fernandes and L. El Faro

Silage intake and milk production in early lactation dairy cows fed cereal grains
V. Endo, T. Eriksson, E. Sporndly, K. Holtenius and R. Sporndly

Modelling targeted supplementation to dairy cows under different New Zealand farm systems
P. Gregorini, B. Delarue and C. Eastwood

A post-crisis assessment of soil and milk contamination by hexachlorocycloesane in a dairy district
B. Ronchi, R. Bernini, I. Carastro, P. Carai and P.P. Danieli

Fatty acid profile of organic and conventional halloumi cheese
O. Tzamaloukas, M. Orford, D. Miltiadou and C. Papachristoforou

Alternative method for birth weight data consistency in Nellore cattle
J.A.I.V. Silva, L.E.C.S. Correia, E.G. Moraes, L.F.N. Souza, L.G. Albuquerque, R.A. Curi and L.A.L. Chardulo