Session 53. Feed efficiency in non-ruminants

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Date: 29 August 2013; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Knap

Theatre Session 53

14.00 Improvement of feed efficiency: lessons from residual feed intake studies in pigs: part 1
Invited H. Gilbert and J.C.M. Dekkers

14.30 Response to a high level fibers diet in pigs divergently selected for residual feed intake
L. Hauptli, A. Priet, H. Gilbert and L. Montagne

14.45 Responses of adipose tissue to feed efficiency: effects of genetics, diet and feed restriction
F. Gondret, I. Louveau, A. Vincent, T. Le Naou, M. Jegou, J. Van Milgen and H. Gilbert

15.00 Divergent selection on residual feed intake influences gene and protein expressions in pig muscle
I. Louveau, A. Vincent, F. Gondret, H. Gilbert and L. Lefaucheur

15.15 Selection for residual feed intake in growing pigs: effect on sow performance in a tropical climate
D. Renaudeau, C. Anais, Y. Billon, J.L. Gourdine, J. Noblet and H. Gilbert

16.15 Improvement of feed efficiency: part 2 – concluding remarks
H. Gilbert

16.45 Impact of technological treatment of feed ingredients on feed efficiency in farm animals
P. Bikker, A.F.B. Van Der Poel, T.G. Hulshof, S. Salazar-Vilanea, E.M.A.M. Bruininx and G. Van Duinkerken

17.15 Amino acid incorporation in feeds reduces the environmental impacts of pig production
F. Garcia-Launay, H.M.G. Van der Werf, T.T.H. Nguyen, L. Le Tutour and J.Y. Dourmad

17.30 Impact of dietary energy content and feed level on the digestive efficiency in growing rabbit
C. Knudsen, S. Combes, C. Briens, J. Duperray, G. Rebours, J.-M. Salaun, A. Travel, D. Weissman and T. Gidenne

17.45 Using a mechanistic growth model to investigate energy efficiency and nitrogen excretion in pigs
M. Shirali, A. Doeschl-Wilson, P.W. Knap, C. Duthie, E. Kanis, J.A.M. Van Arendonk and R. Roehe


Poster Session 53

Influence of synbiotic on broiler chicken performance and meat quality
I.H. Konosonoka, V. Krastina, A. Jemeljanovs, I.I. Vitina, A. Valdovska, V. Sterna and V. Strazdina

Effects of synbiotic on growth performance and gut health of piglets
A. Jemeljanovs, M. Pilmane, A. Valdovska, I. Zitare, I.H. Konosonoka and I. Jansons