Session 53. Heat stress and other adaptations to implications of climate change

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Responses of Merino, Dorper and Meatmaster ewes to an increased heat load
Steyn,S.W.P. Cloete and T.S. Brand

Response of pre-weaned calves to an enhanced milk replacer under heat stress conditions
A.A.K. Salama, S. Serhan, S. Gonzalez-Luna, S.A. Guamán, A. Elhadi, L. Ducrocq, M. Biesse, J. Joubert and G. Caja

Heat wave effect on milk yield and concentrate intake in dairy farm with low and high s/w ratio
CresciandA.S. Atzori

Organic acids and botanicals supplementation improves protein metabolism in heat-stressed dairy cows
A.B.P. Fontoura, V. Sáinz De La Maza-Escolà, A. Javaid, E. Grilli and J.W. McFadden

Understanding the genetic architecture of the thermotolerance – production complex in beef cattle
R.G. Mateescu, F.M. Rezende, K.M. Sarlo Davila, A.N. Nunez, A. Hernandez and P.A. Oltenacu

Single-step genomic predictions for heat tolerance of US Holstein and Jersey bulls
T.M. McWhorter, M. Sargolzaei, C.G. Sattler, M.D. Utt, S. Tsuruta, I. Misztal and D. Lourenco

Host transcriptome and microbiome data integration in Chinese Holstein cattle under heat stress
Czech,J. Szyda and Y. Wang

Liver transcriptomics of sensitive and heat tolerant dairy sheep phenotypes
González-Luna,B. Chaalia, X. Such, G. Caja, M. Ramon, M.J. Carabaño and A.A.K. Salama

Heat stress effects on the metabolome profile of blood and semen plasma of Iberian pigs
Muñoz,P. Palma-Granados, F. García, G. Gómez, G. Matos, C. Óvilo and J.M. García-Casco

In utero heat stress and post-natal feeding behaviour, growth and carcass performance in pigs
Renaudeau,A.M. Serviento, B. Blanchet, M. Monziols, C. Hassenfratz and G. Daumas

Water sprinkling during lairage reduces impact of heat stress in slaughter pigs
VanDen Broeke, L. De Prekel, B. Ampe, D. Maes and M. Aluwé

A feed additive package mitigate heat-induced productivity losses in lactating sows
Jiménez-Moreno,D. Carrion, D. Escribano, C. Farias-Kovac and Y. Lechevestrier

The effect of a summer feed with selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C and betaine in fattening pigs
DePrekel, D. Maes, A. Van Den Broeke, B. Ampe and M. Aluwé


Milk fatty acids of horned and disbudded dairy cows at thermoneutral and mild heat stress conditions
A.-M. Reiche, B. Bapst, M. Terranova and F. Dohme-Meier

Transcriptomic comparison under different temperature humidity index in growing pig
J.-E. Park, H. Kim, Y. Kim and M. Song

A meta-analysis on the impact of heat stress on ruminants’ welfare and production
J.N. Morgado, E. Lamonaca, F. Santeramo, M. Caroprese, M. Albenzio and M.G. Ciliberti

Effect of a standardized dry grape extract supplementation in late gestating sows in a hot climate
Engler,A. Frio and M.E.A. Benarbia

MOET efficiency in a Spanish Japanese black herd and effects of environmental and metabolic markers
Fernández-Novo, J.M. Vázquez-Mosquera, M. Bonet-Bo, N. Pérez-Villalobos, J.L.Pesántez-Pacheco, A. Heras-Molina, M.L. Pérez-Solana, E. De Mercado, J.C. Gardón, A. Villagrá, F. Sebastián,

S.S. Pérez-Garnelo, D. Martínez and S. Astiz

SCALA-MEDI: sheep and chicken sustainability in the Mediterranean area
Ajmone-Marsan,B. Benjelloun, M. Benlarbi, A. Carta, G. Chillemi, S.S. Gaouar, H. El-Hentati, A. Jannoune, C. Jerrari, H. Kemiri, V. Loywyck, N. H’hamdi, N. Tabet-Aoul, A. Stella, M. Tixier-Boichard, R. Valentini and G. Zitouni

Mapping Italian caprine genetic resources: local distribution and environmental risk
Cortellari,A. Bionda, A. Negro, S. Grande and P. Crepaldi

Milk microbiota variability in healthy Holstein and Brown Swiss cows exposed to hyperthermia
Lecchi,P. De Palo, S. Di Mauro, M. Ciccola, A. Bragaglio, P. Cremonesi, B. Castiglioni, F. Biscarini and Ceciliani

Organic acids and botanicals supplementation on lactation performance in heat-stressed dairy cows
SáinzDe La Maza-Escolà, R. Paratte, A. Piva and E. Grilli

Does Zn hydroxychloride supplementation improve intestinal integrity in dairy cows?
E.A. Horst, P.J. Gorden, L.H. Baumgard, M.V. Sanz-Fernandez and D. Brito De Araujo

Plasma and milk metabolome in cows fed low-protein and balanced amino acids under heat stress
Xu,E. Jorge-Smeding, Y.H. Leung, A. Ruiz-Gonzalez, B. Aernouts, D.E. Rico and A. Kenez