Session 53b. Industry session: quality pays – B: Farm data for decision support to achieve efficient and healthy dairy systems

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Chairperson: G.Grønbæk; VFL, Kvæg

Theatre Session 53b

Dan ish platform for dairy management
Invited T. Barrett

G enomic selection: changes and challenges in cattle breeding
Invited S. Borchersen

N ordic feed efficiency
Invited J. Jensen


Poster Session 53b

In vivo characterization of ham and loin morphology in 120 kg live pigs of four different sexes
M. Gispert, A. Carabus, A. Brun, J. Soler, C. Pedernera and M. Font-i-Furnols

Assessment of quality of pig carcasses in Ukraine according to national and European classification
O. Kravchenko, A. Loza and A. Getya

Intramuscular and subcutaneous fat quality in the indigenous Krškopolje pig
M. Žemva, T. Manu Ngapo, Š. Malovrh, A. Levart, M. Kovac and T. Flisar

Nurse sows’ reproductive performance in the subsequent litter: a farm survey
T.S. Bruun, J. Vinther, A.B. Strathe, C. Amdi and C.F. Hansen

Nurse sows for supernumerous piglets
F. Thorup

Effects of number of feeder spaces on wean-finish performance of two genotypes
D. Carrion, B. Melody, A. Manabat and S. Jungst

Effect of xylanase and phytase on the in vitro analysis of enzyme digestible organic matter at ileum
D.K. Rasmussen

SPECIAL – Automated pig weighting based on computer vision of 2D images
I. Amat-Roldan, I. Bilbao, A. González, A. Rodríguez, J. Ainsworth, D. Verde, Y. Rosselló, C. Climent, P. Alemany, J. Soler, D. Rosés, M. Mergay, J. Van den Bossche