Session 54. Behaviour and welfare in farm animals

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Date: 28 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: H. Spoolder

Theatre Session 54

14.00 Identifying and monitoring pain in pigs and ruminants
Invited A. Prunier, M. Kluivers-Poodt and L. Mounier

14.30 Tail docking in pigs: is there any possibility of renunciation?
C. Veit, I. Traulsen and J. Krieter

14.45 The MC4R gene affects puberty attainment in gilts but not in boars
A. Van Den Broeke, M. Aluwé, F. Tuyttens, S. Janssens, A. Coussé, N. Buys and S. Millet

15.00 Reliability of the Welfare Quality® animal welfare assessment protocol for growing pigs
I. Czycholl, C. Kniese, L. Schrader and J. Krieter

15.15 Social hierarchy formation when piglets are mixed in different group compositions after weaning
M. Fels, N. Kemper and S. Hoy

15.30 Social network analysis: investigation of agonistic behaviour in pig production
K. Büttner, K. Scheffler and J. Krieter


16.15 Analysis of static and dynamic position determination accuracy of Location System Ubisense
T. Rose, I. Traulsen, U. Hellmuth, H. Georg and J. Krieter

16.30 Timing of transfer after mating influence dam cortisol and maternal care in farm mink
J. Malmkvist and R. Palme

16.45 Dividing large litters reduce number of bites among mink kits (Neovison vison)
P.F. Larsen and T.N. Clausen

17.00 Early weaning and separation to group-housing limit aggression resulting in bite marks in juvenile
S.H. Møller and S.W. Hansen


Poster Session 54

Assessment of fitness of dairy cows for short distance road transportation
K. Dahl-Pedersen, M.S. Herskin, H. Houe and P.T. Thomsen

Anise smell enrichment impact to aggressive behavior in piglets
P. Juhás, O. Bucko, J. Petrák and O. Debrecéni

Effect of the presence of males on fear and stress of domestic hens
S.G. Dávila, M.G. Gil and J.L. Campo

Measurement of floor space covered by fattening pigs during the finishing period
H. Arndt, J. Hartung, B. Spindler, A. Briese, M. Fels and N. Kemper

Fitness for transport of Danish broiler chickens
S.N. Andreasen and H.H. Kristensen