Session 54. Cellular physiology of the reproductive processes

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: C.C. Perez-Marin

Theatre Session 54

The role of growth factors in regulating cellular events during ovarian follicular development
Invited L.J. Spicer

Pre and post evolution of ram sperm parameters and fatty acids in dietary containing of fish oil
A.R. Alizadeh, V. Esmaeili and A.H. Shahverdi

Introduction of bucks during the late luteal phase of female goats modifies progesterone pattern
R. Ungerfeld and A. Orihuela

Effect of selenium with vitamin E on reproductive hormones and performance of Ghezel ewe
H. Daghigh Kia, S. Saedi and A. Hossein Khani

The effect of seasonal daily live weight gain in females calves on reproductive performance
G. Quintans, J. Echeverria, G. Banchero and F. Baldi


Environmental impacts on the developing conceptus
Invited S.E. Ulbrich

In vitro maturation of camel oocytes using different media and sera
A.E.B. Zeidan, M. El Hammad, M.H. Farouk, S.M. Shamiah, E.A.A. Ahmadi, W.M.A. Nagy and S.A. Gabr

Effect of tailectomy, testicular ventilation and fat-tail elevation on Awassi ram spermatogenesis
Invited S. Abi Saab, W. Tarabay, E. Tabet and P.Y. Aad


Poster Session 54

Influence of boar’s age and season on parameters of semen quality assessed by advanced methods
B. Szczesniak-Fabianczyk, M. Bochenek, P. Gogol, M. Trzcinska, M. Bryla and Z. Smorag

Correlation room temperature –reproductive response of sows inseminated with semen post-cervically
J.M. Romo, J.A. Romo, R. Barajas, H.R. Guemez and J.M. Uriarte

Exposure to high altitude impairs ram semen quality
E. Cofre, L.A. Raggi, O. Peralta, B. Urquieta, J. Palomino, I. Ceppi, A. Gonzalez-Bulnes and V.H. Parraguez

Effect of enzymatic and hormonal supplement on some reproductive parameters of Ossimi sheep
A.Q. Al-Momani, E.B. Abdalla, F.A. Khalil, H.M. Gado and F.S. Al-Baraheh

The effect of Origanum vulgare extract on kinetics and viability of cryopreserved Holstein semen
H. Daghigh Kia, R. Farhadi, A. Hossein Khani and I. Ashrafi

Early embryonic survival and development in two strains of rabbits
R. Belabbas, H. Ainbaziz, M.L. Garcia, A. Berbar, G.H. Zitouni, M. Lafri, Z. Boumahdi, N. Benali and M.J. Argente

Components of litter size in rabbit of local Algerian population
R. Belabbas, H. Ainbaziz, M.L. Garcia, A. Berbar, G.H. Zitouni, M. Lafri, Z. Boumahdi and M.J. Agente

Effect of monensin sodium and Saccharomyces cerevisiae on reproduction performance of Ghezel ewes
A. Hosseinkhani, L. Ahmadzadeh and H. Daghigh Kia