Session 54. Challenges in poultry nutrition, health and welfare (2)

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Early life nutritional interventions in broilers as strategies to optimize performance and health

Applied microbiology in poultry industry: from nutrition to the gut microbiota
N.M. Carvalho, D.L. Oliveira, C.M. Costa, M.E. Pintado and A.R. Madureira

Effect of sex on the performance and welfare indicators of broilers treated with vitamin D3 sources
A.C. Ogbonna, M. Mabelebele, L. Asher and A.S. Chaudhry

Searching for the optimal synbiotic to modulate chicken development
Akhavan,K. Stadnicka, G. Gardiner, P. Lawlor, K.J. Guinan, A. Walsh, J.T. O’Sullivan and K. Hrynkiewicz

Effects of feeding strategies on faecal microbiome and endotoxin excretion in broiler chickens
Marcato,D. Schokker, V. Perricone, S.K. Kar, J.M.J. Rebel and I.C. De Jong

Summary by the chairs of the posters in sessions 43 and 54
Das and K.Stadnicka

Use of winter gardens with and without an automatic enrichment device by laying hens
Riedel,L. Rieke, N. Kemper and B. Spindler

Effects of dietary supplement with Urtica urens on performances and serum cholesterol of broilers
Pinheiro,J. Teixeira, P. Nunes, D. Outor-Monteiro and J. Mourão

The effect of Urtica urens in the diet of broilers with different starting live weights
Nunes,D. Outor-Monteiro, J. Teixeira, J. Mourão and V. Pinheiro

Identification of transcription factor co-operations underlying feather pecking in laying hens
Hosseini,M. Gültas, C. Falker-Gieske, B. Brenig, J. Bennewitz, J. Tetens and A.R. Sharifi

Effects of dietary tall oil fatty acids on broiler performance and intestinal immunology
Kettunen,Z. Hayat, S. Hasan, J. Vuorenmaa and M.Z.U. Khan


Assessment of performance and plumage condition of laying hens in a mobile house
Rieke,L. Raederscheidt, F. Kaufmann and N. Kemper

The effect of untrimmed beaks on plumage condition and mortality in turkey hens
Kramer,K. Skiba, P. Niewind, C. Adler, N. Kemper and B. Spindler

Beaks trimmed or intact – how do turkey hens react to novel stimuli in a farm-related setting?
Skiba,M. Kramer, P. Niewind, J. Stracke, W. Büscher, N. Kemper and B. Spindler

MicroRNA expression in immune-related tissues after in ovo stimulation with bioactive substances
Dunislawska,E. Pietrzak, R. Wishna Kadawarage and M. Siwek

Effect of group size on dust bathing and reactivity of laying hens in a cage-free system
Ciarelli,G. Pillan, G. Xiccato, V. Ferrante, F. Bordignon, M. Birolo, F. Pirrone and A. Trocino

Effects of in ovo synbiotic and choline administration on transcriptomes of chicken tissues
Grochowska,Z. Cai, K. Stadnicka and M. Bednarczyk

The behaviour of turkey hens during an aggressive pecking attack: a pilot study
Volkmann,M. Canci, N. Kemper and B. Spindler

Effect of water-soluble acidifier products on broiler crop fermentation and bacterial populations
P.T. Ward, S. Vartiainen, J. Apajalahti, R.A. Timmons, C.A. Moran and I. Nikodinoska

Metabolic footprints of probiotic function in the chicken intestine
Zuo,E. Pietrzak, W. Studziński, G. Gardiner, P. Lawlor, P. Kosobucki and K. Stadnicka

Use of probiotic to control Campylobacter in broilers
R.J.B. Bessa, E. Batista, F. Moreira, N. Santos-Ferreira, P. Teixeira and M.J. Fraqueza

Light intensity and colour of LED lamps on performance and carcass characteristics of broilers
Silva,A. Tavares, E. Andrade, V. Pinheiro and J. Mourão

Effects of probiotic dietary supplementation on broiler performance in normal and low protein diets
Dotas,S. Savvidou, I.A. Giantsis, A. Athanasiou, M. Müller and G.K. Symeon

Tight junction protein expression in response to seaweed supplementation in two laying hen strains
L.A. MacLaren, J. Wang, S. Borzouie and B.M. Rathgeber

Effect of botanical compounds fed to breeders on laying and chicks’ performances
Carlu,T. Chabrillat, C. Alleno, C. Manceaux, R. Bouvet and S. Kerros

Productive characterization of the Portuguese autochthonous ‘Branca’ chicken breed
Meira,I.M. Afonso, J.C. Lopes, V. Ribeiro, R. Dantas, J.V. Leite and N.V. Brito

Influence of mixing and storage on the quality of components in the laying hen feed mix
Grubor,S. Zjalic, A. Matin and T. Kricka

Growing performance of the Portuguese autochthon ‘Branca’ chicken breed
C.M. Maia, J.L. Cerqueira, J.P. Araújo, F.M. Fonseca, F.J. Mata and M.L. Soares

Physical, chemical and sensory analysis of brown-shelled vs white shelled eggs
Sousa,C. Martins, M. Mourato, L. Louro, S. Ferreira-Dias and M. Lordelo

Effect of Urtica urens in broiler feed on the development of the digestive tract, serum cholesterol
Teixeira,V. Pinheiro, P. Nunes, D. Outor-Monteiro and J. Mourão

Supplementing layers with Lactobacillus rhamnosus influences feather damage and the immune system
Mindus,N. Van Staaveren, D. Fuchs, S. Geisler, J. Gostner, J. Kjaer, W. Kunze, A.K. Shoveller, P. Forsythe and A. Harlander