Session 54. Climate and welfare smart housing systems (with OptiBarn project)

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Date: 31 August 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: T. Amon / I. Halachmi


Theatre Session 54

Effect of lactation number on the respiratory rate of dairy cows on hot days
invited S. Pinto, W. Pauw, C. Ammon, J. Heinicke, W. Heuwieser and T. Amon

Technical note: Validation of a device for automatically measuring of lying behaviour in dairy cows
J.C.S. Henriksen and L. Munksgaard

Air flow patterns and gas concentration distribution in naturally ventilated barns
M. Koenig, D. Janke, S. Hempel, C.K. Saha, M. Fiedler, W. Berg and T. Amon

The welfare of dairy cows in continuously housed versus pasture-based production systems
G. Arnott, C.P. Ferris and N.E. O’Connell

Simulation of the indoor climate of livestock buildings: a tool to assess climate change scenarios
G. Schauberger

Bayesian Networks to assess potential barn adaptations to climate change in dairy farms
E. Galán, A. Del Prado, E. Sanchís, F. Estellés and S. Calvet

Nighttime cooling improves milk yield of dairy cattle exposed to moderate heat stress
U. Serbester, S. Goncu and M. Gorgulu


Posters Session

Comparison of three techniques for measuring enteric methane emissions by ruminants
M. Arbre, C. Martin, Y. Rochette, C. Lascoux, M. Eugène and M. Doreau