Session 54. Sustainable aquaculture for the future (Aquaculture symposium)

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Date: 01 September 2011; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Øverland

Theatre Session 54

  • Industrial response to increased sustainability demand in aquaculture
    Wathne, E. and El-Mowafi, A.
  • Resource use in Norwegian salmon production
    Ytrestøyl, T., Ås, T.S., Berge, G.M., Sørensen, M., Thomassen, M. and Åsgård, T.
  • Microbes: a sustainable aquafeed resource for the future
    Mydland, L.T., Romarheim, O.H., Landsverk, T., Skrede, A. and Øverland, M.
  • Optimal feeding rate for genetically improved Nile tilapia
    Storebakken, T., Kumar Chowdhury, D. and Gjøen, H.M.
  • In vitro assays are useful tools in the value chain of aquaculture products
    Moyano, F.J., Morales, G. and Márquez, L.
  • Interaction between physical quality, feed intake and nutrient utilization in modern fish feeds
    Sørensen, M., Åsgård, T. and Øverland, M.
  • Sodium diformate and extrusion temperature affects nutrient digestibility and physical quality of diets with fishmeal or barley protein concentrate for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
    Morken, T., Kraugerud, O.F., Barrows, F.T., Sørensen, M., Storebakken, T. and Øverland, M.
  • Emerging trends and research needs in sustainable aquaculture
    Fiore, G., Natale, F. and Hofherr, J.