Session 54. Towards an integrated system from (PLF/farm/lengthwise the chain/big) data to a solution or decision

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 8.30 – 11.30
Chair: M.A. Mitchell / S. Druyan

Theatre Session 54

Combining data from multiple sensors to estimate daily time budget of dairy cows
M. Pastell and L. Frondelius

Modelling lactation curve with explicit representation of perturbations
P. Gomes, A. Ben Abdelkrim, L. Puillet, V. Berthelot and O. Martin

A 2-step dynamic linear model for milk yield forecasting and mastitis detection
D.B. Jensen, M. Van Der Voort and H. Hogeveen

Monitoring growth of identified and unidentified pigs using data from an automatic weighing system
A.H. Stygar and A.R. Kristensen

Precision feeding with a decision support tool dealing with daily and individual pigs’ body weight
N. Quiniou, M. Marcon and L. Brossard

From raw data to optimal sow replacement decisions – an integrated solution
J. Hindsborg and A.R. Kristensen

Machine learning algorithms for lamb survival and weaning weights
B.B. Odevci, E. Emsen and M. Kutluca Korkmaz

Towards an integrated system from data to a solution or decision
M. Pastell and R. Kasarda