Session 55. Effects of neonate and early life conditions on robustness and resilience in later life

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Date: 3rd September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: H. Spoolder

Theatre Session 55

Effects of perinatal environment on later life resilience in farm animals
Invited B. Kemp, H. Van Den Brand, A. Lammers and J.E. Bolhuis

Long-lasting effects of thermal manipulations during embryogenesis in broiler chickens
T. Loyau, S. Metayer-Coustard, C. Berri, S. Mignon-Grasteau, C. Hennequet-Antier, M.J. Duclos, S. Tesseraud, C. Praud, N. Everaert, M. Moroldo, J. Lecarbonnel, P. Martin, V. Coustham, S. Lagarrigue, S. Yahav and A. Collin

In ovo stimulation of the chicken embryo with synbiotics influences adult’s molecular responses
M. Siwek, A. Slawinska, A. Plowiec, A. Dunislawska and M. Bednarczyk

Effects of DSS on intestinal morphology, immune development and immune response in chickens
K. Simon, B. Kemp and A. Lammers

Effect of prenatal overfeeding on post-weaning behavior of rabbits
P. Simitzis, A. Kiriakopoulos, G. Symeon, A. Kominakis, I. Bizelis, S. Chadio, O. Pagonopoulou and S. Deligeorgis


Post-weaning performance of piglets raised in a multi-suckling system vs farrowing crates
S.E. Van Nieuwamerongen, J.E. Bolhuis, C.M.C. Van Der Peet-Schwering and N.M. Soede

The effect of ketoprofen administered post farrowing on pre weaning mortality
S.H. Ison and K.M.D. Rutherford

Cross-comparison of lamb mortality in two Mediterranean countries
J.M. Gautier, S. Ocak, S. Ogun, O. Yilmaz, E. Emsen and F. Corbiere

Effect of colostrum alternative and milk replacer on lamb performance, health and rumen development
A. Belanche, C.L. Faulkner, E. Jones, H.J. Worgan, J. Cooke and C.J. Newbold

Fetal programming of high salt water hematological and intraruminal mechanisms
W.G. Mehdi, H. Ben Salem and S. Adibi


Poster Session 55

Effect of dietary supplementation of milk replacer on growth and muscle metabolism of light piglets
J.G. Madsen, E. Seoni, M. Kreuzer and G. Bee

Factors affecting the survival and live weights of Cyprus Damascus kids from birth to weaning
G. Hadjipavlou, L. Sofokleous and C. Papachristoforou

Effect of protein content in milk replacer and weaning method on performance of dairy calves
P. Gorka, T. Radecki, J. Kański, J. Flaga, W. Budziński and Z.M. Kowalski

Season of birth affects growth rate and body condition in Holstein Friesian heifers
M. Van Eetvelde, M.M. Kamal and G. Opsomer

Effects of dietary conjugated linoleic acid supplementation on performance of calves
J. Flaga, M. Belica, P. Gorka and Z.M. Kowalski