Session 55.Free communications in genetics

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Date: 1 September 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: N. Ibanez-Escriche


Theatre Session 55

Genetic control of environmental variation: Different structures of residual variance in DHGLM model
M. Felleki, A. Gilmour and L. Bodin

Genetics of carcass condemnations and relationships with growth, backfat and uniformity in pigs
H.A. Mulder, P.K. Mathur, R.H. Vogelzang and E.F. Knol

Selection for intramuscular fat in rabbits: direct and correlated responses
M. Martínez Álvaro, P. Hernández Pérez and A. Blasco Mateu

A deficient protein supply could be affecting selection for growth rate in rabbits
P.J. Marín-García, E. Blas, C. Cervera and J.J. Pascual

Investigating genes and enzymes related to intramuscular fat content in pig meat
M. Zappaterra, M. Deserti, P. Zambonelli and R. Davoli

Genetic analysis of stillbirth, birth weight and fertility traits in Landrace and Large White pigs
E. Heuß, C. Große-Brinkhaus, M.J. Pröll, H. Henne, A.K. Appel, K. Schellander and E. Tholen

Comparison of male selection strategies in Finnish blue fox population using stochastic simulation
J. Peura, A.C. Sørensen and L. Rydhmer

Genetic relationship between polledness and other relevant traits in Holstein dairy cattle
H. Dressel, M. Wensch-Dorendorf and H.H. Swalve

Genome-wide association and prediction studies using a Bayesian dominance model
J. Bennewitz, T.H.E. Meuwissen and R. Wellmann

Increased prediction accuracy using a genomic feature model including information on QTLs
P. Sarup, J. Jensen, T. Ostersen, M. Henryon and P. Sørensen


Posters Session

Effect of selection for residual variance of litter size on biochemical parameters in rabbits
M.L. García, K. Zbynovska, P. Petruska, I. Bovdišová, A. Kalafová, M. Capcarova, A. Blasco and M.J. Argente

Effect of selection for residual variance of litter size on body condition in rabbits
E.W. Calle, M.L. García, A. Blasco, M.E. García and M.J. Argente

Survival and pregnancy differences between lines divergently selected for environmental variability
N. Formoso-Rafferty, I. Cervantes, M. De La Flor, N. Ibáñez-Escriche and J.P. Gutiérrez

Widespread third order linkage disequilibrium in the swine genome
L. Gomez-Raya, M.C. Rodriguez, L. Silió, C. Barragán and W.M. Rauw

Exact calculation of the Mendelian sampling covariability and their application in mating decisions
S. Bonk, M. Reichelt, F. Teuscher, D. Segelke and N. Reinsch