Session 55. Heat stress / Functional traits in cattle

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 8.30 – 11.30
Chair: M. Klopčič / B. Fuerst-Waltl

Theatre Session 55

Effects of heat stress in dairy cattle on the performance of their offspring
A. De Vries, S. Tao, J. Laporta, F.C. Ferreira and G.E. Dahl

Beef cattle thermoregulation in response to naturally occurring heat stress on pasture
R.M. Mateescu, H. Hamblen, A.M. Zolini, P.J. Hansen and P.A. Oltenacu

Physiological and production responses of Tunisian Holsteins under heat stress conditions
H. Amamou, M. Mahouachi, Y. Beckers and H. Hammami

Relationship between foot and claw health traits and conformation traits in Czech Holstein cattle
L. Zavadilová, E. Kašná, P. Fleischer, M. Štípková and L. Vostrý

Survival analysis for health traits in German Holstein dairy cows
T. Shabalina, T. Yin and S. König

Disposal reasons as potential indicator traits for direct health traits in German Holstein cows
J. Heise, K.F. Stock, S. Rensing and H. Simianer

Combining clinical mastitis with somatic cell indicators for udder health selection in Spanish cows
M.A. Peréz-Cabal and N. Charfeddine

Investigations of the variation of horn phenotypes and the genetic architecture of scurs in cattle
L.J. Gehrke, D. Seichter, I. Ruß, I. Medugorac, C. Scheper, S. König, J. Tetens and G. Thaller

Relationships between subclinical ketosis, BCS, fat-protein-ratio and other diseases in Fleckvieh
B. Fuerst-Waltl, A. Köck, F. Steininger, C. Fuerst and C. Egger-Danner

Poster Session 55

Thermal comfort indexes and physiological variables of Caracu cattle under thermal stress
S.B.G.P.N.P. Lima, A.P. Freitas, N.T. Bazon, R.P. Savegnago, R.H. Branco and C.C.P. Paz

Correlation between heat tolerance and residual feed intake in Caracu cattle under thermal stress
S.B.G.P.N.P. Lima, A.P. Freitas, R.P. Savegnago, N.T. Bazon, J.N.S.G. Cyrillo, J.A. Negrão and C.C.P. Paz

Combined selection for milk and weigth in cattle in the tropical environment
R.R. Rizzi, M.O. Oropeza, F.C. Cerutti and J.C.A. Alvarez

Heat tolerance or extensive ability to acclimate
A. Geraldo, F. Silva, C. Pinheiro, L. Cachucho, C. Matos, E. Lamy, F. Capela E Silva, P. Infante and A. Pereira