Session 55. Innovation in equine production

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Appropriate drone flight altitude for horse behavioural observation
Saitohand M. Kobayashi

Biothermo ID microchips for temperature e-monitoring in horses
C.B.L. Scicluna

Digitalization and animal welfare in horse husbandry
Pfeifferand L.T. Speidel

Donkey comfort at work
Fouvez,C. Bonnin, C. Briant and S. Biau

Combining novel motion technology and genotype data in an Italian horse native breed
Asti,A. Sabbioni, S. Menčik, A. Piplica and M. Ablondi

Growth characteristics of warmblood horses as predicted by non-linear functions
M.J. Fradinho, D. Assunção, A.L. Costa, C. Maerten, V. Gonçalves, A. Teixeira, M. Bliebernicht and A. Vicente

Self-organized equestrian practitioners: key characteristics and needs
Eslan,C. Vial, S. Costa and H. Pham

Studies on the training and marketing of Haflinger horses in South Tyrol
Hornauer,L. Stammler, T. Zanon, M. Gauly and D. Winter

Which farms raise small equine herds in France?
Bigotand J. Veslot

The horse meat market in France: towards a typology of consumers and non-consumers
Vial, M.Sebbane and A. Lamy

Equid milk: an overview of the French sector
Fouvez,C. Bonnin, C. Burdin and J. Auclair-Ronzaud

Mare milk composition and antioxidant capacity: effect of farm and lactation stage
Blanco-Doval,L. Moran, L.J.R. Barron and N. Aldai

Rennet coagulation aptitude of donkey milk as affected by ultrafiltration
Natrella,A. Maggiolino, P. De Palo and M. Faccia


Digitalization in equine management
L.T. Speidel

Changes in lactate levels and blood cell composition due to exercise in Hokkaido native horses
T.J. Acosta, Y. Okamoto and T. Saitoh

Portuguese Sorraia horse dynamics study with innovative technology: stance and swing of the walk
R.A.S. Faria, J.A.I.I.V. Silva, L.Y. Rodrigues, G. Alberto, J. Lopes, C. Zucatelle and A.P.A. Vicente

Portuguese Sorraia horse dynamics study with innovative technology: three natural gaits and strides
R.A.S. Faria, N. Marques, P. Ferreira, C.V.R. Sousa, R. Correia, J.A.I.I.V. Silva and A.P.A. Vicente

Equine oral Gram-negative multidrug resistant microbiota
Pimenta,A. Pinho, M.J. Saavedra and M. Cotovio

Effect of different cryopreservation protocols on donkey’s sperm viability/motility after thawing
M.H. Silva, L. Valadão, M. Anet, M.A.D. Saleh and F. Moreira Da Silva

Health parameters of horses affected by headshaking syndrome
L.M. Stange, J. Krieter and I. Czycholl

Volatile profile of dry-fermented foal sausages formulated with healthy oil emulsion hydrogels
Cittadini,M.V. Sarriés, P.E. Munekata, M. Pateiro, R. Domínguez and J.M. Lorenzo

Study of the milk composition of mares located in Goiás southwest, Brazil
A.M. Geraldo, R.M. Ribeiro, D.S.F. Ribeiro, H. Wajnsztejn, A.R. Amorim and P.D.S.R.G. Wajnsztejn

Use of extruded linseed to improve the nutritional quality of Sarda Donkeys milk
Correddu,S. Carta, A. Mazza, A. Nudda and S.P.G. Rassu