Session 55. Market-orientated pig production – conventional and non-conventional

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Date: 28 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: C. Lauridsen

Theatre Session 55

14.00 The Iberian pig production systems and their products
Invited R. Lizardo and E. Esteve-García

14.30 Improving meat quality in endangered pig breeds using in vivo indicator traits
A.D.M. Biermann, T. Yin, K. Rübesam, B. Kuhn and S. König

14.45 Muscle biomarkers to differentiate pork quality categories based on industry and consumer demands
B. Lebret, A. Vincent and J. Faure

15.00 Forage preferences of free-ranging UK pigs in deciduous woodland and pasture
A.L. Wealleans, I. Mueller-Harvey, D.I. Givens and J.C. Litten-Brown

15.15 Effect of genotype and feed allowance on behavior, performance and meat quality of free-range pigs
A.G. Kongsted and M. Therkildsen

15.30 Stakeholder participation in practical pig welfare research
K.H. De Greef and P.L. De Wolf


16.15 Effect of feed presentation on growth performance of entire male pig and boar taint risk
N. Quiniou, A.S. Valable, F. Montagnon and T. Mener

16.30 Carcase weight is not a reliable tool to minimize the consumer acceptance risk of boar taint
D.N. D’Souza, F.R. Dunshea, R.J.E. Hewitt, B.G. Luxford, R.J. Smits, R.J. Van Barneveld and H.A. Channon

16.45 Detection of boar taint at slaughter
J. Trautmann, J. Gertheiss, M. Wicke and D. Mörlein

17.00 Comparison of meat quality parameters in surgically castrated versus vaccinated Iberian pigs
M. Martinez-Macipe, P. Rodriguez, M. Izquierdo, M. Gispert, X. Manteca, F.I. Hernandez and A. Dalmau

17.15 Incidence of lameness in sows housed in dynamic or static groups at commercial farms
E.-J. Bos, M.M.J. Van Riet, S. Millet, B. Ampe, G.P.J. Janssens, D. Maes and F.A.M. Tuyttens

17.30 Grass silage in diets for organic growing-finishing pigs
P. Bikker, G.P. Binnendijk, C.M.C. Van Der Peet-Schwering, H.M. Vermeer, E. Koivunen and H. Siljander-Rasi


Poster Session 55

Carcass and meat quality of Majorcan Black Pig at two slaughter weights and a crossbred with Duroc
J. Gonzalez, J. Jaume, M. Gispert, J. Tibau and A. Oliver

Comparison of slaughter performance and meat quality in F1 crosses of PLW×Duroc and PL×Duroc pigs
G. Zak, M. Tyra and T. Blicharski

Correlations of technological properties with meat quality and slaughter traits in Pietrain pigs
G. Zak, M. Pieszka, M. Tyra and W. Migdal

A new recombinant immunocastration vaccine for male pigs
L. Sáenz, D. Siel, J. Álvarez, S. Vidal and M. Maino

Chemical composition of meat and fat in fattening boars, barrows and gilts
O. Bucko, I. Bahelka, A. Lehotayova and M. Margetin

Feeding entire male pig with amino acid supplies adapted to requirements of entire or castrated male
N. Quiniou and P. Chevillon

Consumer’s acceptance regarding alternatives to piglet castration without anesthesia – a meta-analysis
T. Sattler, K. Sinemus and L. Niggemann

Effect of pig body weight variability at the end of the growing period on marketing body weigh
S. López-Vergé, D. Solà-Oriol and J. Gasa

Relationships between slaughter traits measured on live gilts and their reproductive performance
J. Ptak, A. Mucha and M. Rózycki

The influence of Arimil on the reproductive performance of the breeding boars
L. Liepa, V. Antane and M. Mangale

Pig video tracking methods: a review and new trends
G.J. Tu and E. Jørgensen

Segregation of small pigs as strategy to reduce the occupation time of growing-fattening facilities
D. Solà-Oriol, S. López-Vergé and J. Gasa

Models for estimation of phosphorus excretion in heavy pigs
D. Biagini and C. Lazzaroni

The effect of wind shielding and pen position on growth rate and efficiency in grower/finisher pigs
D.B. Jensen, N. Toft and C. Cornou

Effect of high long-term temperature on the concentration of cortisol in serum of fattening pigs
J. Petrak, A. Lehotayova, O. Debreceni and K. Vavrisinova